Makeup done in summer is significantly different from winter makeup. It is much lighter and almost invisible. How to do it step by step? We suggest!

What is the perfect make-up for summer?

What to remember about when doing your summer makeup? As mentioned above, it should be subtle. When doing your make-up you should follow the rule that less is more. The more makeup you put on your skin, the faster your face will start to sweat and the more you will need to touch up.

What’s more, this can result in the development of a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, which will lead to a significant deterioration in skin condition. Particularly those with combination or acne-prone skin should bear this in mind. In summer, it is always worth having mattifying blotting papers in your handy cosmetics bag, with the help of which you can get rid of the excess oily layer from your skin in just a few seconds

Of course, summer does not exclude make-up. The most important thing here is that it is not too strong and is based on light cosmetics that are designed to even out skin tone and cover up imperfections. Remember that tanned skin does not need too much to look beautiful.

Step by step summer make-up

What do I have to keep in mind when applying make-up for the summer? All kinds of multifunctional cosmetics in the form of pencils and sticks work well here. You can apply them to your lips, eyelids and cheeks. One such product is enough to make necessary corrections during the day.

What should you consider when choosing a foundation for the summer? First of all, it should be light. Cosmetics of greasy consistency that create a mask effect will not be used here. In addition, it must not clog pores. The best solution will be products in the form of a stone, loose or light cream. A good foundation for summer moisturizes the skin, protects it from the negative effects of UV radiation, has mattifying properties and is resistant to high temperatures.

Summer makeup cannot do without powder. It can be both transparent and bronzing. A good solution is a cosmetic that contains shimmering particles, which will give your skin a beautiful glow. Apply powder to the cheekbones, the center of the forehead and the chin. An interesting alternative to this product may be a toning cream, which is a combination of a moisturizing day cream and a delicate foundation

In summer make-up you may skip eye make-up altogether or, on the contrary, opt for eye shadow in bold, striking shades such as orange, yellow, green or turquoise. Plum, brown and olive cosmetics will not be suitable here, as they can give the skin an unsightly blue tint

Instead of cream eye shadows it is better to use wood-resistant products of creamy consistency, for example in sticks. To make them last longer, lightly powder your eyelid before application. If you want to add freshness to your skin, you can combine shadow with a highlighter, applying it on the upper or lower eyelid above or below the iris. Finish off your holiday makeup look by highlighting your lashes with mascara and applying a coat of clear gloss to your lips.


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