A light foundation, a good powder, waterproof formulas and a fixer will make your makeup last longer, even if it’s hot outside.

Summer, high temperatures and sunshine are the time most of us look forward to. Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks. In hot weather you need to dress a little differently – in natural materials, airy and light – so that the skin can breathe freely, and so that we do not sweat.

The same goes for makeup, which is difficult to maintain in such conditions for many hours. Here it is worth applying a few tricks and tips to prolong its durability. They really work!

Evening out your skin tone

At first, it is worth remembering that the first step of any makeup is proper care. Everything holds better and looks better on such skin. Remember to exfoliate regularly, moisturize and nourish, and opt for an oil-free cream in the morning.

When it comes to make-up, we should choose lighter foundations or BB or CC creams and cover bigger imperfections with a concealer. You can also apply a base beforehand, which will minimise shine and smooth out the skin, giving the effect of a perfect complexion.

Finally, powder everything, preferably with a transparent powder, using a pressing motion rather than a sweeping motion, as we want to cover every nook and cranny thoroughly.

Eye make-up for hot weather

The scorching heat does not in any way prevent you from wearing a stronger eye makeup. All you have to do is swap some cosmetics for waterproof formulas, which are not only waterproof but also sweatproof, so you don’t have to worry about them running off your face, creating an unsightly panda effect under your eyes or reflecting on your upper eyelid.

Waterproof eyeliner will allow you to draw a precise line, which has no right to move from its place until the moment of removing the make-up. Since it is extremely long-lasting and fast-drying, you need to have some practice in using it – any mistakes will be hard to cover up.

The same goes for mascara – go for a waterproof one which is reliable and will highlight your eyes beautifully. But don’t just use waterproof mascara when you’re going to spend the day by the pool, lake or sea. Summer weather can make traditional mascara crumble during the day, dissolve and everything will have to be washed off immediately.

Summer lip makeup

In this hot time, natural lips will look great, just a touch of gloss. However, if we care about color, we recommend reaching for creamy or liquid lipstick, beautifully reflecting the light. Matte lipstick can further dry out your lips, which are not easy to do in summer anyway. A lip liner should be applied beforehand to make your makeup last longer.

Fixing the whole make-up

At the end we still have to fix the whole make-up. We can choose from many products available in every drugstore. Fixative fixatives come in the form of a spray which you simply spray on your face. They can have a matte finish if that is what you want, but there are also illuminating products that leave a delicate, subtle glow on the skin. This will work especially well for dry and normal skin.

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