Are you facing a job interview? Learn the most common mistakes candidates make. This will help you avoid them and make a good impression on your future employer.

Being late

The first basic mistake, even before any interview begins, is to be late for it.

Such behavior will always be perceived badly by the recruiter and the employer, unless the reason for such behavior was really important. Otherwise, you can ruin your chances of getting hired at the very beginning.

Inappropriate dress code

You can only make a first impression once. Even if you show up early or on time, you can still be misperceived. Why? Because of our inappropriate attire, hairstyle and makeup.

A job interview is like a business meeting and should be treated as such, even if the company does not have a dress code.

The styling must always be clean, neat and classic, with a shirt or at least a shirt-blouse in the leading role. Let’s also not do a fancy hairstyle or strong make-up.

Lack of preparation

When applying for a job in a given company we need to know what the company is, what it does, what are the characteristics of its products or services.

If we fail to answer such questions during the interview, we put ourselves in a bad light – as an unprepared and unprofessional person. It may also be perceived as a lack of respect for the employer, especially since all the information can usually be easily found on the company’s website and on its social media profiles.

Inappropriate vocabulary and lack of personal culture

In the list of mistakes made at the job interview, the manner of speaking itself cannot be omitted. Absolutely unacceptable are vulgarities or arrogant and rude phrases.

No one will want to hire a person who lacks personal culture. An employee is a kind of business card of the company. A lot can be gained by a smile and thoughtful answers, without saying whatever comes to mind.

Criticizing a previous employer

Whether you’re asked about your previous employer or not, it’s not in good taste to speak negatively about them or their co-workers.

This may be perceived by the potential employer as a lack of loyalty and raise suspicion that we will complain about him in the same way in the future. Always use caution in this regard and it is better to say less than too much.

Lies and withholding facts

Last but not least, we left out lies and concealment of facts. Many times it turns out that a large number of candidates are not telling the truth already at the level of their CV – in terms of their skills and experience.

It should be remembered that everything we write in the application documents – including the cover letter – can be verified during the interview. If you are caught in a lie, your chances of being hired are drastically reduced.

In many companies, knowledge of English is required. If you include in your CV fluent communication in it, and in reality you can barely say a few phrases, you will come off really badly. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you are just learning. We always state the range of skills truthfully.

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