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Every fashionably dressed woman has in her closet a dress, which is commonly called a little black. It is usually simple, black and universal – it is perfect for different outfits and occasions. How to choose the perfect model of little black dress, so that it will serve us for years? And how to match the cut of the dress to your figure and your own style and preferences?

The simple, minimalist dress was invented and popularized by an outstanding icon of the fashion world – Coco Chanel. For 100 years the little black dress has been the most popular dress, which is suitable for a variety of occasions, both private and more formal. Its greatest strength and charm is its timelessness, chic and unquestionable elegance. How to complement the styling with a little black to look stunning?

Where did the name “little black” come from?

The black dress is a classic of feminine elegance and style. This is not surprising, because black, especially in simple styling, adds a lot of chic and charm to a woman. Black is a color that suits every type of beauty and works great for most parties, meetings or events. Coco Chanel loved to create versatile and universal fashion. She succeeded perfectly, because the little black dress is popular all over the world, among women of all ages. Why is the dress designed by the French designer called the “little black dress”? This is due to the fact that the dress in its first edition was very simple and came only in black. Chanel designed it in such a way that no stains could be seen on it and that every woman would look good in it, regardless of her figure. The great thing is that the style and cuts of the simple black dress evolve as fashion changes. Trends of past decades were already black dresses in mini, midi or maxi length, those with many embellishments and those simple and minimalist. Currently, in the offer of stores you can find a variety of models of small black, so every woman will find a cut in which she feels perfect

What should you follow when buying a little black?

The fact that we live in a time when clothing stores offer such a wide range of different proposals is both wonderful and terrifying. The number of variations makes it very difficult to decide on one particular dress. Therefore, when looking for your dream model, it is worth paying attention to several aspects. The purchase should be treated primarily as an investment for years and look for a cut that will be timeless and universal. If we care that the dress will not get damaged after a few washes, it is worth buying a dress made of good quality materials. If we are looking for a dress for everyday use, knitwear or wool will be perfect. Evening dresses look better when they are made of velvet, silk or satin. You should also pay attention to the quality of workmanship of the dress. If the seams are properly finished, if the lining is sewn in properly and if there are no minor damages anywhere. It’s great if you find a dress that accentuates your assets and in which you feel both comfortable and feminine

What accessories go well with a little black dress?

A black, simple dress is a base to which you can add different accessories to create an original styling. A very fashionable trend is to wear a classic white shirt under a little black dress. This inspiration comes straight from high fashion, but it works well as an outfit for the office or a date. It is a good idea to match this type of dress with expressive jewelry, which will stand out against the simple cut. The little black dress looks great with stilettos or boots, but can be matched with moccasins or simple sneakers for a casual look. Many people combine a simple black dress with a black leather jacket for a more rock chick look

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