Know the 4 basic types of female figure

Know the 4 basic types of female figure

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There are several divisions of female figures. Some believe that there are 5 or 8 of them. There are even elaborate classifications that list a dozen names of female figures. However, it is best to rely on the basic division, which distinguishes 4 types of female figure.

Columnar figure (H)

The characteristic feature of this silhouette type is the lack of an outlined waist. Body line is almost completely straight, and the shoulders and hips are the same width. The biggest disadvantage of this figure are the large shoulders, which come to the fore in any styling. Despite this, the figure is hardly ideal. Women with even a slight waistline already look fantastic, even though their shoulders are broader compared to other body types. However, there is no need to worry – every shortcoming can be concealed with the right clothes. In this case, styles should cover wide shoulders, emphasize the waist and exaggerate the hips. Women with a column silhouette look great in tight dresses, high-waisted pants and skirts and in shirts with V-shaped necklines.

Pear shape (A)

Women with this figure are characterized by well-developed hips, massive thighs and buttocks. The upper part of the torso is much narrower, and the abdomen is flat. When choosing clothes, it should be remembered that they gently widen the shoulders and optically reduce the hips. Styling should even out the proportions of the figure and give it an X-shape. Pear-shaped women must remember to emphasize their waist. They will look particularly good in flared midi dresses and skirts and in buffeted blouses that broaden the shoulders. The top part of the outfit should not be pulled over the hips. Blouses or shirts should be tucked into pants or skirts. This way they expose a flat stomach and divert attention from wide hips

The apple silhouette (O)

This type of body is characterized by broad shoulders and large breasts and belly. The lower part of the body is much narrower compared to the upper. Unfortunately, but in this figure breasts and belly are always visible and cause the most problems. Women with an apple silhouette should buy and wear clothes that balance the top and bottom of the body. Especially helpful are blouses and shirts with a large neckline, which further expose the beautiful breasts. We recommend dresses with a straight cut and uniform color, vertical lines on clothes, which optically lengthen the figure, and long necklaces to complement the style. Women with an apple-shaped figure should wear large handbags and shoes with heels or high heels. It is not advisable to wear high heels with dresses because they further emphasize body unevenness

Hourglass silhouette (X)

The X silhouette is considered to be the ideal type of female figure. Its main advantage is proportionality. Shoulders and hips are of similar width and the waist is clearly defined. Women of this shape look good in almost everything, however, they should also be careful with outfits so as not to lose their proportions. A big problem for hourglasses are skirts, which are difficult to match for them because of the width of their hips. Additionally, in oversize blouses they look unfavorable because of broadened shoulders, and jeans disrupt their proportions. So what should hourglasses wear? Women of hourglass figure have to remember that their main asset is narrow waist. We recommend styles that emphasize it. They may wear slim-fit dresses with a belt, classic sweaters with V-neck, slim-fit shirts or jackets. Styling should be complemented with small bags and delicate jewelry

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