How to use blush and bronzer in cream?

How to use blush and bronzer in cream?

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Do you love cosmetic innovations and exploring the secrets of dazzling make-up? Learn how to use blush and bronzer in cream, and your make-up will impress everyone around you. Here are some practical tips!

Contouring – your way to the perfect makeup look

The trend for contouring the face, spread years ago by Kim Kardashian, can certainly be counted as timeless. Despite changing fashions, bronzer, blush and highlighter still go, making every girl feel special.

Even if you haven’t painted yourself this way before, if you’ve ever used the services of a professional makeup artist, you certainly know what it’s all about. Contouring slims the face and adds freshness and energy to the skin. How about trying wet contouring – using blush and cream bronzer? 

How to apply bronzer in cream – check it out!

In addition to the traditional form of this product, you can also reach for a bronzer with a cream consistency. You’ll find plenty of products of this type on the market, so you should have no problem choosing something within your budget and in line with your expectations. 

Once you’ve reached for a cream bronzer, use it to make a sketch of your features. You’ll definitely want to highlight your cheekbones, also apply the cosmetic to your forehead near the hairline, on the tip of your nose and around your chin. Remember not to apply a huge amount of product. Especially if you are a beginner in wet contouring, it is better to use bronzer sparingly.

Then – with the help of a dampened makeup sponge – gently smudge the cosmetic so that its color and the color of the foundation blend.

Blush in cream – how to apply it?

Blush is a product that ladies are very eager to use. It is what makes our cheeks gently blush and makes us look simply adorable. The one in cream usually comes in a very convenient stick form. 

How to apply blush in cream to the face? Experts have their own ways to do it – many of them advise that when applying makeup you should smile and apply the cosmetic to the top of the cheeks. When doing so, you have to be careful not to apply the blush too high, and, as with bronzer, be careful not to apply too much product. 

Once you’ve applied the blush to your cheeks, all you need to do is lightly blend it with your fingers or a sponge.

Wet contouring – advantages

Okay, but why actually contour your face with cream products? What advantages does it have over traditional contouring? 

First of all, wet contouring is a method that offers the possibility of great precision, and that in itself is a huge plus. What’s also great is that you can apply wet face contouring cosmetics with your fingers, so you don’t need special brushes for this.

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