How to use highlighter, bronzer and blush correctly?

How to use highlighter, bronzer and blush correctly?

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Using cosmetics for contouring we can quickly change the shape of our face, emphasize strengths and hide imperfections. The key to success is the correct use of cosmetics designed for this purpose. See how to use blush, highlighter and bronzer the right way


Bronzer is a beauty product that can be used all year round. In months when it is difficult to get a natural tan, it will give your skin a delicate bronzing effect and most of all it will beautifully model your face. Use bronzer to beautifully highlight your cheekbones. Make sure to apply the product in a thin layer and blend well, to avoid unsightly blotches. If you feel that the effect is too subtle, you can apply a second coat. Choose a makeup remover with a matte rather than a shiny finish, which will help you contour your face perfectly. Also check what shade of bronzer (warm, neutral or cold) you feel most comfortable with. Start by applying bronzer to your forehead, right at your hairline. Then move to the temples. This will optically slim your forehead and make it appear smaller. Then, to slim your face, apply bronzer under your cheekbones. Then apply bronzer on the jaw line, about halfway between the tip of your chin and your ear


Blush on the cheeks will add freshness and girlish charm to your face. As with any cosmetic, you cannot overdo it. Too much blush will make you look caricatured. When choosing your blush, remember to choose the right shade for your skin type. For daytime, go for bright, luminous colors like coral or peach. In the evening you can use smoky, strong colors like violet, fuchsia or dirty pink. It is customary to apply blush on the tops of the cheekbones. However, it is a bit more complicated because it all depends on the shape of our face. In the case of a rectangular face blush is applied horizontally on the cheekbone line. If you have a triangular face it is best to apply blush under the cheekbones in the widest point. On oval faces blush should be applied in the center of the cheeks and on round faces blush should be applied from ear level to the mouth


Strobing, or highlight contouring, has not been out of fashion for a few years now. It quickly makes the face look more youthful and fresh. Its golden (nomen omen) principle is to apply the cosmetic in the areas that naturally reflect light. Here, too, you have to define your complexion. There are, however, some colors of highlighters that work for everyone – these are products in the shades of champagne and ivory. To achieve a natural effect, try to choose a highlighter with as few glitter particles as possible – the pearl finish will give you a natural glow, perfect for everyday use. When applying the product, focus on the areas of your face that naturally stick out – your cheekbones, the back of your nose and the center of your forehead. It’s also a good idea to apply product under the eyebrows and above the lips, on the so-called Cupid’s bow

Common mistakes in face contouring – what to avoid?

  • Wrong Brush – For contouring, the best brushes are those with a chamfered shape. They conform to the face more easily, so you can apply the right amount of product faster.
  • Lack of blending- an improperly blended blush, bronzer or highlighter will give a completely opposite effect to the intended one- blotches will make your face look dirty or bruised.
  • Wrong colors of products – too warm, brick-red bronzer or too dark highlighter is a simple way to makeup disaster. Before choosing a product, find out what colors and tones you look good in.
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