How to take care of your eyes while working remotely? Here are some useful tips!
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How to take care of your eyes while working remotely? Here are some useful tips!

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The coronavirus pandemic has meant that a large proportion of employees have had to start working remotely. In practice, this means that we perform duties mainly in front of a computer screen. Hours spent in front of a screen can negatively affect your eyesight. How to take care of your eyes and eyes while working remotely?

There are many professions in which the whole day is spent at the computer. It is a convenient solution because it allows you to work without leaving the comfort of your home, but over time it can be dangerous for your eyesight. In the following text we suggest how to take care of your eyesight and how to work in front of a screen in a way that is safe for your eyes

Remote working and eye health

In the current situation, not only work but also education has been transferred to the computer screen. Several million people sit down at the computer in the morning and spend most of the day in front of it. In addition to our duties, we also spend part of the day relaxing and entertaining in front of a screen – be it a TV, tablet or smartphone. Looking at a glass screen for hours makes our eyes strain and strain. Even when we theoretically take a break, we often spend it browsing on the phone, which makes our eyes get tired even more. Our visual system is more inclined to look away and look for objects and images. Therefore, a great form of relaxation is looking out the window or going for a walk where we can observe our surroundings

4 tips for taking care of your eyes and eyes

  1. Ergonomic workstation

When working at home, we do not always have all the conditions and standards as in a normal office, but it is worth taking care of the right place to work. What conditions must be met to make the remote work safe and hygienic for the eyes? The most important is to place the computer screen or laptop at an appropriate distance – it should be at least an arm’s length away from your eyes. While working, you should be looking slightly downwards, so it is bad practice to place the monitor in front of you or hang it above your line of sight. Posture is also an important consideration. Although it may be difficult, we should be upright with our feet lying flat on the ground

  1. A diet good for your eyesight

Eye health is largely responsible for the nutrients we provide to the body through a proper diet. The basis of a healthy diet is adequate hydration, so you should drink at least 6 glasses of water each day. It is important that meals contain vitamins A, C, E and such substances as zinc, selenium and omega-3 acids. It is worth eating large amounts of vegetables and fruits, fatty fish and nuts

  1. Regular breaks

Resting and taking a break from the screen is very necessary – staring into the distance for a few minutes will relax your eyeballs. This will make your eyes less tired and able to work longer. Even every 20 minutes you should look above the screen of your laptop and for a few seconds look through the window at the horizon. It is worth offering such an exercise also to your children, who by pandemic are learning remotely

  1. Appropriate lighting

The best and healthiest time for the eyes to work in front of a screen is when we have access to daylight. However, we cannot always use it – often the working day extends into the evening hours, and sometimes we also work at night. Then it is worth taking care of good lighting and not using the screen in the dark. For the sake of eyesight it is necessary to reduce the contrast between light coming from the screen and light in the room. Working in a poorly lit room requires stronger strain on the eyes, which makes them tire faster. People working in front of a screen often buy a special filter for the monitor, which eliminates the negative effects of blue light.

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