Dress code in the office – what are the basic rules?
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Dress code in the office – what are the basic rules?

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Work wear does not have to be boring at all. Although the office dress code requires compliance with appropriate rules and principles, it does not exclude fashionable styles. Clothes for the office should be elegant and classic, their aim is to present the employee as a professional. We suggest what clothes to wear to the office and how not to break the dress code

A white shirt, black stilettos and a pencil skirt – this is what comes to mind when we think about women’s dress code in the office space. However, the rules of dressing for work have changed a bit and the range of available office outfits is much wider. Check out how to dress for the office comfortably and look great at the same time!

Why is the dress code important?

A strictly defined dress code at work is very important especially for formal positions like receptionist or assistant. It is also important in occupations where employees deal with direct customer service, for example in a bank. Elegant dress can be well perceived by the employer and positively perceived by outsiders. The image of an employee usually directly translates into the image and evaluation of the company in which he or she is employed. Dress code is often imposed by the supervisor or by the rules of the institution. Its character depends on the place, type and position of work

Rules of dress code in the office

1. Matching elements of the outfit

Individual elements of an outfit should match each other and form a harmonious whole. You should not wear outfits that are too patterned or flashy. When you wear a shirt or blouse with delicate patterns, the bottom of your outfit should be solid. Shirts with delicate dots or white and blue stripes will look great in the office

2. Choose the right colors

At the office you cannot afford to be crazy when it comes to the choice of colors. Dress code allows for a subdued color scheme – the safest colors are white, black, shades of gray, blue, beige and pastel

3. Tailored clothing

In the workplace it is important to look good and wear clothes that cover up imperfections and emphasize strengths. This makes employees more confident and therefore more effective. A great way to dispel doubts about what cuts and styles suit our body type is to use the services of a personal stylist

4. Neat outfit

The most important rule is to make sure that your outfit for work is always clean and neat. The clothes that we wear to the office should be fresh and ironed. Such an outfit is an expression of elegance and professionalism. It is worth buying clothes of higher quality, which are made of materials that do not crease

Other aspects of dress code

Dress code for the office is not only about the right outfit – make-up and hairstyle are also important. Everyday make-up should be discreet, enhance your natural beauty and be limited to subdued colors. Hairstyles should be arranged in a sleek chignon or ponytail so that the hair can be easily tame. Some believe that undone hair is also acceptable as long as it is nicely and neatly styled and does not interfere with the performance of duties. The appearance of the hands and nails is also important – the skin should be well-groomed, and a delicate manicure on the nails is recommended, preferably in beige or light pink shades

What to avoid when choosing an outfit for work?

Outfits for work should not be provocative or excessively eye-catching. The neckline of blouses and dresses should not be too deep. The shoulders should generally be covered, certainly tops with thin straps look unprofessional at work. A woman in the office should also not wear too much jewelry – a delicate necklace, bracelet or watch will suffice. If you want to wear a skirt or a dress, remember to make it long enough – it should not be shorter than a few centimeters above the knee line. Don’t forget to keep your shoes clean and polished – some companies even require women to wear heels to work.

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