Why build a personal brand and where to start?
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Why build a personal brand and where to start?

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A personal brand, or more precisely, building one, is now a cornerstone in business. What is worth knowing and how to build it?

Today, building a personal brand is the basis. This is because it translates into professional and business success. However, it is important to do it correctly, otherwise the effects may be the opposite of those assumed.

Personal brand – what is it?

Personal brand, or personal branding, is how we are perceived by others. Among other things, it relates to the workplace or business, so what opinion an employer, customer or contractor has of us. If we build and create the right personal brand, it will translate into success in our professional and often private lives.

The purpose of a personal brand is to provide others with messages about us, e.g. our skills, knowledge, competencies, which will at the same time evoke positive emotions.

However, a personal brand must be genuine and show us in a real way. When creating it, therefore, we must maintain authenticity and consistency in communicating information about ourselves.

How to build a personal brand?

Building a personal brand is not a simple task, for this you need to constantly improve yourself, change your perspective and acquire new skills.

To begin with, you need to verify information about yourself, think about how you perceive yourself, what is important to you and to whom the personal brand message you want to build will be directed. Consistency is very important. It can’t be that we try to build an image of, for example, a poised, calm person and in social media we show ourselves as someone completely different. Therefore, the information we post on social media or websites should coincide and harmonize with each other. If they don’t, our audience may feel cheated.

The tools that are very helpful in building your own personal brand are undoubtedly social media. Yet it is important to remember that social media allows you to both build your image very quickly and destroy it. Therefore, it is important that every post you make is valuable and thoughtful. The same applies to comments; care should be taken to ensure that our words are not offensive and not misconstrued.

A good idea is to set up a professional blog, where we will describe, for example, what we do for a living. Placing there various news from the industry in which we operate, as well as interesting facts or insights will help create an image of a professional.

Advantages of building a personal brand

Personal brand in the case of doing business allows you to gain the trust of customers and clients. The company is better perceived and inspires more trust.

A good image also comes in handy if you are a salaried person. The boss has more confidence in us and is more willing to involve us in serious projects, which translates into better chances of promotion and higher salaries.

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