Planning a change in industry? See what you should keep in mind
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Planning a change in industry? See what you should keep in mind

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A good plan, upskilling, saving money and perseverance – among other steps, these will make re-branding more enjoyable and without unnecessary fear.

Why do we decide to change industries?

When starting a career, we are not 100% sure that this is absolutely what we want to do in life. After some time it may turn out that we want to follow and develop in another direction, even if we are considered a specialist in our current field.

Satisfaction and feeling of fulfillment is very important in professional life. It may happen that thanks to a random situation we discover our vocation and what we want to do.

Here, however, we often have great fear of taking drastic steps, especially if we earn well, know the people, the current industry. We don’t always have the courage to start completely over and go into the unknown.

We’ve prepared some tips to help you prepare for job change and re-branding.

Re-branding – it’s worth remembering!

Good plan

The basis for making any decision is to think about it carefully. You should not do it under the influence of the moment or emotions. If the idea of change has been brewing for a long time and is not the result of exhaustion, it is worth preparing to put your plans into effect.

Let’s think about what we really want to do, what will give us a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, what are our strengths and unique skills, what we excel at, what are our needs and expectations. It is also useful to analyze the career path to date – what was right and what was wrong – so as not to fall from the rain into the gutter.

There is also no need to hastily dismiss yourself from your current position. It may turn out that for some time we will be without a regular salary, a new job is not coming, so we will have to accept the first better one, not necessarily in the profession. It does not make sense to risk it. Moreover, we do not burn our bridges behind us. We never know what will happen and whether we will not want to return.

Courses and new qualifications

A new industry equals new qualifications, especially if you have absolutely no knowledge of your chosen field. We can take care of our development through courses, trainings, conferences, online events, internships or apprenticeships, workshops, postgraduate studies, extramural studies, post-secondary schools, professional development institutions. Many of them are free and it is worth taking part in them while still working at your current company.

This will also allow you to compare your expectations with reality and see if a given industry is right for you. It is also worth talking to people who already work in interesting positions.

Financial cushion

Changing the industry takes time and you should prepare for it not only substantively and mentally, but also financially. Giving up a job overnight, without a plan, a new position and savings is a big mistake, especially when you are not supporting yourself exclusively. First accumulate funds in the account and then take radical steps.

Persistent search

As we have already mentioned, you usually have to wait a bit for results, but by no means should you give up. If you want to reach your goal, do everything to achieve it. Failed once? Let’s go on. There’s no point in breaking your heart if the interview doesn’t go your way. Let’s learn from it and prepare for the next one.

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