Arianna Huffington – the inspiring journey of the founder of the Huffington Post
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Arianna Huffington – the inspiring journey of the founder of the Huffington Post

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Arianna Huffington is an inspiring figure in every way. A woman who has achieved practically everything and only through hard work and great knowledge. Who is the famous founder of the Huffington Post website? See for yourself!

Arianna Huffington – a brilliant mind

About such figures as Arianna Huffington every woman should hear. This talented businesswoman, writer and journalist is an inspiration for those who dream of a huge international career. However, it is worth starting at the beginning. Arianna was born in Athens in 1950. As a teenager, she and her parents moved to the UK, and there she graduated from the prestigious University of Cambridge.

She received an excellent education, but there was always not enough for her. From an early age, she felt she would achieve success and consistently pursued it. At the age of 24 she published her first book, which gave her a taste of writing for good. 1986, she married Congressman Michael Huffington and found herself in a new role – mother and wife. She then lived in the United States for many years and it was there that her professional career began in earnest.

A difficult road to success

Arianna’s private life, unfortunately, was not strewn with roses. In 1997 she divorced her husband and became a single mother. In order to develop professionally and take care of her children, she had to sacrifice a lot, but persistence and fortitude took her really high. She even ran for governor of the state of California, but withdrew during the election. This, however, did not stop her, but only made her stronger. Shortly thereafter, she published her book “Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption are Undermining America,” which turned out to be a bestseller.

In 2005, meanwhile, she decided to found the highly influential and very popular Huffington Post, which very quickly proved to be a hit. However, she was not just a simple business owner. She stood at its head as editor-in-chief and kept her hand in all the time. She didn’t slow down for many years, even making it to the prestigious list of “100 most influential people in the world” by the Times magazine and “100 most powerful women” by Forbes! 

In 2016, she bought a stake in Uber, a company that is known around the world. As befits a true businesswoman, she sought to continue to grow and then came up with the idea to found a start-up. As a woman who is not afraid of risk, she left her Huffington Post service and founded the start-up Thrive Global in 2019. Despite adversity, this inspiring woman never gave up. She raised two children and showed them how to pivot in the big world. Without anyone’s help, she achieved a great deal. It’s worth learning from such people to be persistent and consistent in their goals, while of course keeping their morals at the highest level.

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