How to smuggle animal prints in styling for the office?
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How to smuggle animal prints in styling for the office?

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Do you like camouflage, zebra or leopard patterns, but wonder how to put them together in outfits for work? Fear not – we have a handful of tips and hints for you. Familiarize yourself with them, and you will quickly see that you do not have to give up your favorite prints.

Styling for work – what is worth knowing about them? 

Clothing testifies to a person, and it is not without reason that in many workplaces we have a specific dress code – more or less strict. Most rigid rules apply in banks or high managerial and executive positions. It is important to present yourself professionally when dealing with customers. 

Most companies allow elegant, but at the same time casual and comfortable attire. So we can allow ourselves strong color, uncovered shoulders or uncovered legs without tights – of course, everything within the limits of common sense. 

One of the categories where we have quite a lot of room for improvement are accessories – shoes, handbags, outer garments or jewelry. Nothing prevents you from wearing a purse in intense orange to work, or cobalt-colored shoes or a multicolored hair wrap. 

In this article, we will prove how to tame animal prints to look great in business loos. Contrary to appearances, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Animal prints at work – in what form to wear them?

Snake skin, crocodile, leopard print, spots, zebra, tiger stripes: these and many other animal prints look very interesting and feminine, but also a bit predatory and extravagant. In addition, these patterns never go out of fashion, and on the contrary, they are a hot hit all the time. So the question remains, will animal prints work in styling for work? The answer should be “yes”, but you need to know which elements you can afford.

Panther dress or shirt?

A leopard-print dress or mini skirt will not be a good choice, but already a classic shirt yes. For spring-summer styling, pair it with beige high-waisted or linen pants with a wide leg. It is a success to combine an animal pattern with subdued classics – then we do not have to worry about kitsch or vulgarity.

In many workplaces, a delicate midi length mottled skirt and a solid blouse, for example, in a shirt style, will also work. Such a combination is also very fashionable, and the midi length is doing a real furore this year!

If we sometimes like to go wild, a coat in zebra or spots will be an excellent choice. It is definitely hard to pass by it indifferently.

Animal print in accessories? Yes!

Animal print works perfectly in accessories, and about this we do not have the slightest doubt. In most offices and other workplaces you can wear ballerinas in leopard print, snakeskin boots or a bag made of imitation crocodile skin. You can also go wild and choose such a design in a bold color.

Of course, you can complete your formal outfits with an animal scarf, hair wrap or bracelet. Such small elements beautifully complement even the simplest sets. It also works great to wrap the chosen scarf around the handles of your favorite handbag. In this way, we instantly change its character.

So which proposal appealed to you the most? Which elements will you use in your styling for work?

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