Body flaws: how to cover up broad shoulders?
Tips from the stylist

Body flaws: how to cover up broad shoulders?

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Unfortunately, not every woman has been blessed by nature with a perfect figure. A common drawback are too broad shoulders. Fortunately, there are many tricks, which allow to hide them.

A beautiful figure with slender shoulders and a slim waist? Every woman dreams about it. However, it is known that not many women can boast of a perfect figure. Fortunately, nowadays there are many models of clothes, which can hide figure flaws. This also applies to too wide shoulders. What to do to slim them down?

Wide shoulders? Beware of these clothes

Owners of broad shoulders should undoubtedly resign from blouses, jackets or dresses with currently fashionable buffets or cushions in the spirit of power dressing. Such cuts would make shoulders look even broader

You should also avoid any decorations in the shoulder area – patches, epaulettes, studs or various shiny applications (such as golden shoulder patches on Balmain jackets). Stylists also recommend slightly softer neck accessories, so jabots or tied bows are not a good choice

As far as patterns are concerned, the best choice are blouses or shirts with vertical stripes. It is better to skip peas, horizontal patterns or stripes.

Clothes that conceal broad shoulders

If you want to hide your broad shoulders, it is best to wear oversize blouses made of flowing fabrics. As far as length is concerned, the best solution is ¾ length, i.e. just past the elbow. Such cuts emphasize waist perfectly. Sleeveless jackets are also a great option, currently still fashionable are those made of fake fur, which can be worn with almost anything. Sporty ones will also work, which can successfully replace a jacket in spring or autumn

What about jackets? If they do not have sponges, they can be worn without any problem, but it is worth betting on sporty and casual variants, i.e. cotton or tracksuit jackets, which lie lightly on the shoulders and are not too tight

Dresses can also be used to conceal broad shoulders, just opt for models with a flared bottom, or those in the shape of the letter A. This cut perfectly balances the proportions of this type of figure. Stylists recommend to people with this figure also dresses with a belt at the waist; then we focus more on the abdomen and bust area, rather than shoulders

As far as pants are concerned, instead of classic drainpipe pants it is better to bet on resuming popularity of bell-bottoms. They will allow to keep the right proportions of the silhouette.

What neckline to choose?

Wanting to slim your neckline, it is best to choose blouses or dresses with a “V” neckline. The narrower the angle, the slimmer the neck will look and the longer it will appear. Round necklines also work well. Definitely avoid asymmetrical, boat-shaped or carmen necklines, as they will make your shoulders look even broader.

What is the best outer coat?

What jackets and coats will help to conceal the problem of broad shoulders? Certainly the plain ones, without any accessories and decorations, which adhere to the shoulders. If we want to give them some character, it is better to tie it with an interesting belt. A waist-length jacket or one with a basque will also work

And what for the bride? A princess dress or maybe a fishnet?

As we all know, every bride wants to look special on her wedding day. Having broad shoulders, the bride should bet on dresses, which are widened around the hips and decorated at this point with frills, basques, decorations, etc. In this way they allow you to maintain the right proportions of the figure. A-shaped cuts also work well. Also fishtail cut, but without a corset (these should definitely be avoided). You should also avoid dresses with buffets and richly decorated top.

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