How to dress for a job interview in the summer?
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How to dress for a job interview in the summer?

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Choosing an outfit for a job interview during the summer season can be problematic. What to do when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees and you need to look professional and classy?

At a job interview, as in the case of performing professional duties in the office, there is a special business dress code. The style that a candidate chooses is quite important, as it affects the first impression and the future employer’s perception of you.

Summer is a special time of the year – in addition to elegance and neatness, you need to think about comfort. The right outfit can contribute to our well-being and at the same time feel confident. It is important that your outfit should be lightweight on hot days. We suggest how to keep the balance and achieve a satisfactory effect.

Where to start?

The choice of outfit for a job interview does not depend only on the season. It is a good idea to check what the dress code is in the company where you are applying for a job. This is not always possible, so it is good to bet on something universal and safe, which will allow you to avoid a possible slip-up. Sometimes the nature of the place itself provides a hint. Rules related to the dress code will certainly be required in offices, while a completely different approach may prevail, for example, in a creative agency. Another issue on which depends how to dress is the type of position offered by the company.

Smart casual

In the summer, one would prefer to wear loose, holiday clothes all the time. However, if the job interview falls during this period, you need to make an exception here. The choice of outfit for this occasion should show the professionalism of the prospective employee. The key concept of dress code, which will be useful to properly prepare for the interview, is a smart casual style. It is a combination of elegance and sports casualness, giving together a neat, yet comfortable and unforced look.

What should you wear with this look? For example, a light cotton top with short sleeves, cigarette pants and a loose jacket with shortened or rolled up sleeves. It is always a good idea to opt for a classic white shirt or a delicate, straight-cut dress. All items should be made of light materials. The whole can be completed with fashionable leather shoes with a buckle at the front.

When choosing an outfit for a job interview, it is important to be sensitive. Be careful that it does not turn out to be too casual and informal. Forbidden closet items include, for example, short shorts, sandals and blouses and dresses with shoulders and cleavage showing.

Subdued colors

At an interview you shouldn’t go overboard with the colors and patterns that reign in the summer. It is also better to resign from sad black. Bright items of clothing will be a great solution here. Colors worth considering are white, beige and blue. A dress in neutral colors made of breathable material or airy linen pants may be a hit. The former outfit should be necessarily complemented with thin tights or stockings. Remember that feet should be covered, so ballerinas or classic high-heeled shoes are a good addition to any outfit.

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