Are you a pear-shaped woman? Find out which styles look best on you
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Are you a pear-shaped woman? Find out which styles look best on you

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In order to make your clothes look good, you need to make sure that they fit your body type properly. One of them is pear shape. What are its characteristics? What should be kept in mind when creating outfits for pears?

Pear shape and its characteristics

How do you recognise a pear shape? Pear shapes have narrower shoulders than hips, a well-defined waist, full hips and buttocks. Sometimes you may encounter small breasts, well-developed thighs and calves and not very long legs. This type of figure can also be recognized by calculating the WHR. To calculate it, divide the waist circumference by the hip circumference. A value below 0.85 means that we are dealing with buttock-thigh obesity. Note that this only applies to overweight people whose BMI exceeds 25.

Strengths and fashion rules for the pear-shaped silhouette

What are the main advantages of the pear-shaped figure? The pear shape is the closest to an hourglass figure, which is considered to be the ideal female figure. It is considered by men to be extremely feminine and sexy. Its owners include Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. It is also worth mentioning here that this figure carries a risk of smaller health risks than for example an apple silhouette, in the case of which very often we deal with abdominal obesity, which can lead to heart attack and heart disease

What is more, disproportion of the silhouette characteristic for pears can be easily corrected with the help of properly fitted clothes and exercises. As far as the latter is concerned, when creating a style one should focus on adding volume to the top of the figure and optically slim down the bottom. Clothes should be chosen in such a way that those on top are lighter than the bottom ones. As for the cuts, if you want to optically enlarge the bust, you should look for blouses with frills and pleats on store shelves. The shoulders can be broadened with kimono sleeves or boat neckline

Women who have a pear-shaped figure may wear clothes with horizontal stripes without any fear. However, they should avoid blouses, shirts and jackets that end at the hip line, tight pants and short skirts. Pear-shaped women can wear tailored pants and trapeze-shaped skirts without any fear. How to correct the flaws of such figure with the help of exercises? Exercises on a treadmill, using weights, cycling or swimming work very well here.

Styling ideal for pears

What type of clothes should not be missing in any pear-shaped woman’s closet? As far as pants are concerned, they should have high waist and slightly flared legs. Such a cut is effective in shaping the curves, exposing the buttocks and emphasizing the waist. Flared legs create a proportional bottom, which relieves the hips and makes the silhouette gain desired proportions. What jeans should go into a pear-shaped woman’s closet? We recommend, in particular, classic straight-leg models in dark colors, for example shades of navy blue or black

What type of dresses will a pear look best in? The best cut for her is a flared creation with a built-up top, cut-in waist and knee-length. It is a proven way to conceal body flaws, such as wide hips and emphasize narrow waist and shapely bust.

As far as skirts are concerned, classic, simple pencil skirts go well, paired with mid-heeled shoes. This way you can easily emphasize shapely calves and divert attention from problematic hips.

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