What to combine bottle green with?
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What to combine bottle green with?

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Bottle green is a shade that has recently become very popular. With what to combine this color to look really good?

Bottle green is a color that for years has been somewhat underrated when it comes to styling. Fortunately, this has changed in recent months, and now it is a shade that no woman’s closet should miss. The plus side of bottle green is that it can be combined with many different colors, it is almost as versatile as white or black.

Who looks best in bottle green?

Bottle green is a color that suits especially ladies who have a spring and summer beauty type. Spring types are those with fair complexions and warm blonde hair, while summer types are women with typically Slavic beauty, that is, with green, gray and blue eyes and often mousey hair. Although it is hard not to notice that this color also perfectly emphasizes the beauty of ladies with chestnut hair and olive complexion. To sum up, in fact, every lady can afford to wear clothes in this particular shade!

What color goes well with bottle green?

The basic colors that go best with bottle green are white, gray and black. You can also successfully reach for mustard shade, navy blue or maroon. Pink, brown and even purple or blue will also fit. Can you combine bottle green with other shades of green? You can, but you should do it very carefully and try to break such styling with an accessory of a different color, so that the whole does not look bland.

Bottle green for elegant and not only

This color perfectly suits elegant styling. For work or a meeting you can successfully wear an emerald shirt and black pants or skirts. To this it is mandatory to wear shoes with heels (not necessarily high, the so-called “duck” is coming back into fashion!). Green dresses can be worn with a variety of jackets, if you want to look chic, or with a denim katana, in the case of a looser styling.

An interesting suggestion is also to wear a green skirt made of natural or artificial leather and to it a white blouse. Then we will achieve an elegant but original look.

Bottle green can also be worn on a daily basis, for example, a Spanish blouse with cigarette or denim pants will look great when meeting friends or going out on the town.

What accessories to choose?

What accessories will go beautifully with bottle green? The best suggestion will be gold. It is worth betting on fashionable neck celebrities and subtle earrings with small diamonds or zircons. Gold jewelry with black elements will also work.

As for shoes, black is undoubtedly the winner, but nothing prevents them from being in a completely different, even contrasting color, if you want to draw attention to yourself.

main photo: pixabay.com/Mylene2401

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