What is Intuitive workout? You’ll love this new fitness trend
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What is Intuitive workout? You’ll love this new fitness trend

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One of the hottest trends in physical activity is intuitive workout. What is this type of training? Who can do it? In today’s post we will take a closer look at this issue

Intuitive workout – what is it?

Advanced people who have been training for many years and know their body and its possibilities very well, very often train without a concrete plan, using muscle feeling and body’s reactions to stimuli to which it is subjected during exercises.

This type of approach is called intuitive workout. What is it? The simplest way to define it is that it is a workout that uses the exercise volume necessary to achieve a slow increase of muscle mass in such a way that it increases its volume.

What is worth knowing about intuitive workout? First very important information. This type of training is not about coming to the gym and having a precise plan of particular exercises in your head. This method is based on adjusting the exercise volume during physical activity depending on how the body reacts to the effort

Depending on your current mood or the degree of muscle recovery, it can be higher or lower. The selection of individual exercises here also depends on how the muscles feel during training. When exercising individual body parts, some regions may be under-trained and require more work. You should be aware of the fact that due to the higher training volume, the next workout may require slightly less activity. Only then will optimal muscle regeneration be possible.

Who can do intuitive workout? This type of training is for advanced people who have a few years of training experience and are well experienced. Only then is it possible to properly evaluate your exercise capacity and fatigue level.

The key issue here is 100% muscle control. Beginners or intermediate trainees should train under the watchful eye of a personal trainer. This is a proven way to avoid overtraining and hindering the effects achieved so far.

What are the most common mistakes made by people starting their adventure with inuitive workout? Very often they do not have a training outline. You should be aware of the fact that although you train intuitively, you should have a certain scheme of particular exercises. Only then it will be possible to make continuous progress and continuous stimulation of muscle growth.

An equally popular trend is unconventional training. What is it? It is based on creating your own plan adjusted to the goals you set for yourself at a given moment. It takes into account the basic principles of biomechanics, but is free from the usual schemes

For this type of training to be possible, you need to know your body well. The key issue here is creativity, which allows you to constantly vary your training plan. Exercises can be performed on machines as well as with the use of free weights or your own body weight. Such a workout is a proven way to break your workout routine.

Main Photo: Jonathan BorbaHire/unsplash.com

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