Do you know the best way to take care of your skin on vacation?
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Do you know the best way to take care of your skin on vacation?

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How to effectively protect against the harmful effects of the sun on the skin during a holiday trip? For this purpose, you should take care of its appropriate care. We tell you how to do it best.

The right sunscreen

Protection of the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation should be based on the use of creams with a sufficiently high factor. At the same time you should remember about reasonable use of the sun. This means avoiding intensive exposure to sunlight and avoiding tanning around 12:00 p.m

How to choose the right sunscreen? To do so, it’s necessary to determine your phototype, i.e. the type of skin depending on the level of melanin it contains. There are 6 phototypes, based on the observation of skin reactions after first exposure to the sun for 0.5 hours at midday.

Phototype I is pale skin, often with freckles, blue, green or hazel eyes and blond or red hair. Its owners find it difficult to tan and are easily burned. Phototype II refers to pale skin and green or blue eyes. This type of person burns very easily and has difficulty tanning

Phototype III refers to light skin, light or dark eyes and brown or dark blonde hair. The skin here tends to tan after a previous burn. Phototype IV refers to normal skin and dark eyes and hair. Burns are minimal in this case and the skin tans easily. Phototype V refers to brown skin, dark eyes and brown hair. This type of skin tans strongly and easily and rarely burns.

Phototype VI, on the other hand, refers to skin with a breakfast complexion and dark hair and eyes. It tans very well and does not burn. A person with phototype I should use a sunscreen with a factor of over 35, with phototype II – over 30, with phototype III – 20-25, with phototype IV – 20, with phototype V – 10-15, and with phototype VI – 6-10.

Key principles of summer skin care

What else is important to remember when it comes to summer skin care? Regular, thorough cleansing is key. This is due to the fact that in the summer our sebaceous glands work much more intensively. As a result, acne, blackheads and clogged pores may develop.

It is best to use a special liquid to remove make-up. One should avoid skin stretching and rubbing. The next stage is face washing. Preparations requiring the use of water, adjusted to individual skin needs, are best for this purpose. The skin is perfectly refreshed after their application

Summer skin care should be enriched with the use of antioxidants. This is due to the fact that in summer, as a result of sunlight, there is a formation of free radicals, which contribute to the damage of collagen fibers. The result – loss of skin firmness and the formation of wrinkles.

The best way to neutralize free radicals is to use antioxidants, such as vitamin C and ferulic acid. Serums containing them are best applied both to the face and neck and hands, which in the summer are in contact with both the sun and salt water and sand, which can have a negative impact on their condition.

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