What to do to have bikini body not only in summer
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What to do to have bikini body not only in summer

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Bikini body is a dream of every woman. What to do to boast of it not only in the summer season? The key is the right workout program and diet.

Bikini Body Guide – the proven way to a bikini body all year round

How to maintain a bikini body all year round, not just in the summer? The Bikini Body Guide training program, developed by Australian trainer Kayla Istines, is the right way to do it. She completed a trainer’s course at the Australian Institute of Fitness and worked in the best fitness clubs in the country

The set of exercises she created is designed to help you get a flat, muscular abdomen, strong arms, slender legs and firm buttocks. It comes in the form of an e-book that outlines each step of the workout in detail. The Bikini Body Guide is very popular among women all over the world.

What does Kayla Itsines think are the causes of weight loss problems? It’s related to inconsistency in exercise and diet, building muscle mass (which results in a slimmer figure but no weight loss), doing monotonous workouts (the body gets used to a specific set of exercises that don’t challenge it), and skipping meals (which results in evening hunger pangs).

Key principles of the Bikini Body Guide

What is the Bikini Body Guide? It’s a 12-week training program. Exercises are performed 6 days a week, with Sunday as a rest day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are for High Intensity Interval Training, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the milder Low Intensity Steady State

Each set of exercises is repeated here in 2 series. There are 2 blocks, with 4 exercises in each block. The challenge here is to perform the exercises from each block in less than 7 minutes. Consequently, the whole workout should last 28 minutes. After 4 exercises you can take a short break.

As for less demanding workouts, they take the form of a 15-minute run or a fast walk lasting about 45 minutes. Bikini Body Guide can be successfully performed at home. It is best to get sports accessories such as dumbbells, mat, bosu, bench and medicine ball

Kayla Istines recommends that in the first 4 weeks you do 2 intense workouts, 3 less demanding workouts and 1 stretching session. In weeks 5-8, she recommends doing 2 intense workouts, 4 less intense workouts, and 1 stretching session. Weeks 9-12, on the other hand, include 2 intense workouts, 2 cardio workouts, 1 High Intensity Interval Training workout, and 1 stretching session.

The creator of the revolutionary training program also suggests that you don’t do High Intensity Interval Training and resistance training on the same day. A training session should be no longer than 70 minutes. You should not do more than 2 workouts in one day. It is acceptable to do an intense workout in the morning and a gentler workout in the evening. Warm-up and stretching are integral parts of each session.

What makes Bikini Body Guide so popular? It is a varied workout that includes both high and low intensity exercises. It combines elements of strength training, interval training and cardio. All of this contributes to rapid weight loss and even body shape development.

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