Cosmetics that will improve your skincare!
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Cosmetics that will improve your skincare!

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The new year is a time for change. Apart from learning to dance, learning a new language or renovating your apartment, it is worth putting on your list improving your personal care. But in order to do that you need cosmetics that will change your daily rituals.

Washing your face in the morning, then cream, a quick make-up and work. And at the end of the day, the usual makeup remover, cleanser, shower and moisturizer. Routine allows you not to focus too much on daily activities, but it is worth from time to time to diversify care. This will increase its effectiveness, slow down the aging process or properly prepare the skin for summer, when you want to look gorgeous in a skimpy bathing suit. Which cosmetics should I include in my skincare routine?

1. Peeling

Exfoliation is an essential part of effective skin care. Thanks to it you will get rid of dead skin cells, the skin will regenerate faster and the nutrients from creams and serums will easily penetrate the skin. As far as the exfoliation of the face we more or less remember so with the body is sometimes different. With regular exfoliation you will improve circulation, reduce cellulite, and the skin will become smooth to the touch. It is worth choosing products with caffeine or citrus fruit, which will also prevent orange peel and prepare your body for summer.

Elements that are hardly ever remembered is exfoliation of hands and feet. Thanks to exfoliation you will avoid dry heels or chafed cuticles, and creams will be able to moisturize and nourish the skin in these areas more effectively. Well cared for feet and hands will become your business card, and you will effectively slow down the skin aging process.

2. Bronzing lotion

After showering or bathing you should apply lotion. Thanks to it your skin will always be properly moisturized, velvety to the touch and firm. If you haven’t been using lotions so far, or have been doing it selectively, it is definitely worth working on this beauty ritual, which will undoubtedly pay off. Reach for moisturizing, firming or anti-cellulite products, thanks to which your skin will be properly prepared for the beach. It is also worth betting on bronzing lotions. This is a much better solution than going to the solarium and it will give you a soft tan, which will make your skin look healthier.

3. Hair Oil

Oiling your hair is on trend! What’s more, it’s a trend that will undoubtedly stay with us for a long time because it leaves hair moisturized, smooth and free-flowing. Use a base coat of aloe vera, sugar water or warm water. Not always hair likes oil applied directly to it and oiling it over a base will keep your hair from getting frizzy.

Find the right oil for your hair and don’t be discouraged if your choice doesn’t work for you. Not everyone will be happy with the same oil. So find the right oil for your porosity and enjoy beautiful, well-groomed hair!

4. Tonic or Hydrolate

Many people forget to apply a tonic or hydrolate after cleansing their face. Thanks to it we can restore the proper pH of the skin and also increase the absorption of nutrients from creams and serums. Tonic and hydrolate well-chosen for skin problems can also calm inflammation, reduce acne, visibility of pores or moisturize the skin.

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