Discover ways to have beautiful and well maintained nails
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Discover ways to have beautiful and well maintained nails

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People very often pay attention to the appearance of nails and hands. Well-kept hands are a good calling card of a person. It is worth to pay some attention to them and make them healthy and aesthetic

Cuticle and nail care

Neat nails do not have to be long. It is important that they are healthy and clean. Colorful nail polish is a matter of taste. If you do not like painted nails, you can choose a colorless conditioner or serum. They affect their condition, aim to rebuild and strengthen the plate. They also promote faster growth. They can also be used prophylactically with frequent styling. They are used as a base for hair spray or as a separate product. You can buy such conditioners in drugstores and pharmacies

Many people use oils to strengthen the condition of their nails. They contribute to a strong and healthy plate. In addition, they are excellent for rough and dry cuticles. The ingredients contained in oils improve the color and eliminate discoloration. It is enough to apply the product once a day on nails without polish and gently massage. It is also a good way to regenerate after hybrids or gel. Especially if you are taking a break from this type of styling. This is a more natural method than store bought conditioners. It is also usually cheaper. You can also use the same oil for your hair, body, or face

Popular oils used for nails are sweet almond, argan, raspberry, or olive oil. You can also try macadamia oil, flaxseed oil or castor oil. The choice is really quite large. Each of them will give a slightly different effect, but it will still be similar. They can also be combined with each other. In stores you can also buy ready mixtures, closed in small packages. It is important to apply them regularly. There are two methods of oiling nails: hot and cold. Try each of them and see which one will suit you best

Remember to take care of your cuticles. Cuticles are meant to protect the nail matrix from contaminants and infections. Avoid removing them without much need. Unskillful cutting may lead to mechanical damage. It is then painful and unpleasant. Infection can easily set in, which will be difficult to treat. Remove the cuticles very gently, using a wooden or rubber pick. Also remember to moisturize them regularly, for example with hand cream. Optionally, use the oils mentioned above. After styling, you can use special cuticle oils

Colorful manicure

Not only do hybrid nails look good, but they also affect the durability of your nails. Painted nails will be harder to break and damage. It is currently one of the most popular methods of styling. It gives a long-lasting effect of well maintained nails. You also avoid unsightly chipping, which can happen with traditional nail polishes. When you do the styling at home, remember to remove the hybrid properly. Be careful not to over file your plate

If you decide to go for hybrids, it’s worth choosing products from well-known and proven companies. These can be, for example, NeoNail cosmetics. Apart from colourful nail polishes, they also have bases and top coats that affect the condition of nails. In addition, they are adapted even to the problematic ones. If you have an oily plate, you can use a special primer, which affects the extension of styling durability. You can buy these polishes in many colors and finishes. They also have various interesting effects, which you can get for example with polishes. You will find colors from neon to very delicate. The palette is really wide. A classic red or navy blue looks very good on the nails

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