Cocktail dresses – when to wear them?
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Cocktail dresses – when to wear them?

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Do you have a cocktail dress in your closet? Or maybe you are just planning to buy one? Make sure you know when to wear it, what accessories to go with it and how to look elegant.

Timeless dress

If you are looking for a semi-elegant outfit for many occasions, a cocktail dress is the best choice for this role. According to the rules of etiquette, it is appropriate to wear it in the afternoon and evening. It differs from formal dresses mainly in that it is not so formal and may uncover the shoulders or knees. The name of this type of dress is derived from the American “cocktail party”, a two-hour cocktail party usually held in the evening. In the late 1940s, French designer Christian Dior launched the “cocktail” dress as a separate closet item. To this day, his floral silk dresses impress with their lightness and elegance

Cocktail dresses usually come in knee-length or midi lengths. They are made from various fabrics and are available in all colors. They are usually cut close at the waist to emphasize your figure. When buying a dress, match it to the type of your figure and the circumstances in which you want to present yourself. A great advantage of cocktail dresses is that they allow you to achieve a compromise between elegant and comfortable style of dress.

For what occasions will cocktail dresses work?

Cocktail dresses are very diverse. The term includes dresses with a plunging neckline and pencil skirt cut, which are perfect for family celebrations or formal meetings at work. On the other hand, shorter dresses – decorated with glitter, frills or guipure – will certainly make a good impression at the New Year’s Eve party, at a party with friends or during a hen night. A flared model with subtle glitter and long sleeves may be suitable for the theater or opera. For a wedding, baby shower or an elegant family dinner we recommend midi dresses made of airy fabrics, preferably those boho, in powder shades or with floral patterns. The most popular type of cocktail dress is undoubtedly the universal “little black dress”. It’s good to have at least one in your closet, especially if you’re planning a date. You can find a wide selection of cocktail dresses here:

How to look elegant?

Cocktail dresses will go best with high-heeled shoes – it’s not a necessary condition, but stilettos will certainly emphasize your legs beautifully. A nude model with a pointed tip will make your legs look even longer. If you plan to buy stilettos for the party, make sure you have time to stretch them out beforehand.

You can wear a cocktail dress to a wedding that takes place in the afternoon and for which evening attire was not required in the invitation. If you have a strapless dress, then for a church wedding, match it with a stylish bedspread or bolero. Elegance in dress is largely about balance. If you choose a dress with a deep neckline, try not to make it very short. If you are uncovering your legs, choose a more built-up front, all based on the nature of the celebration, of course. If you’re concerned about whether the dress you’ve chosen is the right length, then check how it fits when you sit down in it. Every dress curls up a bit – this will help you avoid a slip-up at a formal meeting.

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