Engagement and wedding – what to plan before organizing them?

Engagement and wedding – what to plan before organizing them?

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Getting engaged is a moment of great joy, followed by a flurry of motivation to plan the wedding. A wedding is a very time- and labor-intensive endeavor that requires efficient organization and weeks of planning. You will need to make sure that you have a great time on your special day and enjoy the start of your life with your partner. See what you need to take care of before the wedding

Take care of the details during the wedding

The beautiful moment when you say “I do” to your husband at the altar is the most important moment of your entire wedding day. This moment needs to be special and elaborate in every detail. Make sure the church is decorated the way you would like it to be. Talk to the pastor of the parish about what decorations you would like to have during the ceremony and who will come to do them and when. Often there are several couples getting married in quick succession on one day. In this situation, talk to other brides and grooms about what kind of church decor would suit everyone and look for a compromise. The truth is that the nerves and euphoria that will accompany you during the wedding will make you not pay attention to the decorations anyway, but the photos, taken during the mass as a souvenir, will preserve everything

An important detail is the ring box. In the past they were simply served on a plate or even taken out of the witness’s pocket, but now it has become very popular to present your rings in beautiful caskets. Such boxes are quite deep, so it is worth lining them with a cushion, fabric, hay or moss, depending on what style of wedding and reception you are organizing

Take care of details in your creation

The indispensable attribute of a bride is a white dress – you certainly won’t forget that. However, it is easy to forget about the accessories. Be sure to buy strong, tear-resistant tights to avoid an emergency situation where you still have to run to the kiosk at the last minute. Also, choose jewelry for your outfit in advance. Try on several models of different jewelry, think about what configuration you want to wear it in and, above all, what will best complement your wedding dress. A delicate chain with a pendant is always a good choice. Subtle jewelry will look phenomenal with more ornate dresses. On the other hand, simple, classic dresses even ask for more substantial jewelry that will add sparkle to the creation

In addition to matching your jewelry to your dress, also pay attention to whether it matches your engagement ring and wedding ring. If the ring is a different color than the rest of your jewelry, it may clash. Consider what stones might be in the jewelry you choose. A ruby engagement ring is a very unique choice because of its distinctiveness. However, it can make it difficult for you to choose other stones for your jewelry. Then, the easiest way is to bet on white stones or diamonds.

Be careful not to overdo it with the amount of sparkles though – what is too much is not healthy. Too much jewelry, even in combination with a richly decorated dress can be too overwhelming and extravagant choice

Take care of the details in the wedding hall

At a wedding reception, even for the bride and groom, it’s all about having fun and a great atmosphere. To ensure this during the event, take care of all the details in advance so you don’t have to worry about anything later. Choose a good wedding band or a DJ, who will take full care of the music and conduct of the wedding, and will help you and your partner find your way in stressful situations. Good music is the foundation of a successful party, so if you have a good band, you don’t have to worry about anything else and can get on with decorating and setting up props in the wedding hall. If you want a guest book at the entrance, deliver it and pens to the hall the day before. Likewise, if you want a special place to display your childhood or early relationship photos, explain your vision to the people in charge of decorating the room, or arrange with a friend to have her take care of it. By taking care of even the smallest details beforehand, you will be able to eat and have a great time once you arrive at the venue

Wedding and reception is a stressful day for every couple, starting a new life together. However, by paying attention to even the smallest things in advance, you can reduce the stress of throwing such a big event. Get all the details planned and executed beforehand, and you’ll be able to sleep soundly the night before your wedding

Main Photo: Cássio Jardim/Unsplash

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