Work-life balance. A handful of practical tips

Work-life balance. A handful of practical tips

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On a daily basis, we are all busy. So how to find balance in life? And what to do in order not to lose work-life balance?

Nowadays, for most of the society life revolves around work. When we are at work, it is natural that we think about our duties. It’s worse when we don’t part with thoughts about work when we are already at home and we should rest. Many of us want to combine our private and professional lives as best we can. Hence the concept of work-life balance, which talks about how to maintain a healthy balance between these two spheres.

Work-life balance – a way to balance life

Work-life balance theory aims to bring balance to both private and professional life. Constant stress, overtime and transferring all your work-related anxieties to your home and private relationships does not allow you to enjoy life. On the contrary, it may lead to professional burnout and even diseases such as depression. Therefore, the concept of work-life balance is supposed to help people who do not know how to find the golden mean. This theory is supposed to make us take pleasure not only from moments of rest, but also from work.

A few principles of work-life balance

In order to function well at work and at home you should set yourself a few rules to follow. They are supposed to make the organization of work easier as well as improve our well-being. Here are some of them:

  1. Regular hours and a specific place to work are supposed to make it easier and more enjoyable. When you go to the office, the situation is simpler because you have your own workstation and usually regular hours. Time to work is time to perform your duties at specific times. If you work from home – you need to designate a place for your office work. The same goes for office hours. During this time, all other activities like washing dishes or putting in the laundry – have to wait until your time allotted for work responsibilities is over
  2. Set up a pleasant office in a corner of your home. A properly decorated workspace will further inspire and put you in a good mood.
  3. Create your ritual during the day. In the morning before work, brew yourself a good cup of coffee or tea or read the world news. And after it’s over, turn on a podcast, movie, or music you love to listen to. Little activities like this before and after work will make you work out your start and end of the day.
  4. Another work-related principle is learning to be assertive. When working for a large company or running your own business, you will not avoid dealing with other people. You need to learn to communicate your opinions and needs clearly. Accumulating all the unspoken words will make the work overwhelm you. The key is to talk not only to your customers, but also to your colleagues
  5. Develop yourself! Outside of work, you need to have something to get our energy out, make us feel better, and take our minds off our daily responsibilities. Exercising, hobbies provide a chance to grow but also maintain inner peace of mind
  6. Everyone makes mistakes. We learn every day and so will make mistakes in life. Other times it will be personal issues that will overshadow office responsibilities, but that is also normal. The sooner you give up the constant pursuit of perfectionism, the better off you will be
  7. Regeneration is essential. Vacation is supposed to be a rest for you. It is a time that you should use to relax. If you are tired and stressed, you will perform less well. Remember that vacation is also a kind of duty. Days off from work are a time to catch your breath and balance yourself.
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