No idea how to style your outfit with white shirt? Here are some suggestions!
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No idea how to style your outfit with white shirt? Here are some suggestions!

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A white shirt, just like a “little black dress” is one of those elements which guarantee styling success. It always adds elegance, style and class. However, it is worth knowing how to play with styling with it, to make it a bit less formal.

Irreplaceable at work in the office, during business meetings, holidays or a formal dinner. The white shirt in question adds class and style to any outfit. With what and how to combine the white shirt to give it a slightly casual, but still elegant look? We suggest you!

Katarzyna Sokołowka

The popular juror of a well-known TV show loves to play with fashion, and an indispensable element of her closet is a white shirt. It makes Kasia’s outfits timeless, elegant and fashionable. In this case she matched the white shirt with a gold skirt and white classic stiletto heels. The whole look is fashionable and stylish.

Grażyna Torbicka

The journalist and TV presenter is a style icon! She always puts on elegant, stylish and timeless outfits that emphasize her beauty, figure and sophisticated taste. The journalist chose the white shirt by Viola Piekut for our list. The puffed sleeves make it look airy, while the addition of a scarf and sunglasses makes the journalist look like a Hollywood star! The outfit is completed with powder pink pants, which emphasize the summer character of the outfit.

Dorota Gardias

The famous weather girl opted for an oversized white shirt, which she paired with a black leather handbag and rocker stiletto heeled boots. The latter give her a spunky look and the whole outfit looks fashionable, feminine and elegant.

Magdalena Mołek

The journalist always evokes class and style, and her simple but extremely elegant stylings are always refined to the smallest detail. Although she has plenty of hairstyles featuring the white shirt, we chose the one with jeans and red stilettos. Simple, trendy and how stylish!

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