How Do You Wash Your Hair? Check if you are doing it correctly
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How Do You Wash Your Hair? Check if you are doing it correctly

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Washing hair is a simple task, but we often make mistakes while doing it. This may even lead to hair deterioration. Here is how to properly wash your hair and what mistakes to avoid

The Proper Shampoo

Where to start? Certainly with the right shampoo. It should be designed for your hair type. There are shampoos for dry hair, hair that needs strengthening or moisturizing. A well-stocked store offers different types of shampoo, so you can easily find the right one for you.

A good shampoo should have mild cleansing and purifying ingredients. Reading the composition label is important. It is better to avoid shampoos with parabens and artificial colors, as well as strong fragrances. If the shampoo has in its composition natural moisturizing ingredients, herbs and proteins – it is good. A very good choice would be Montibello shampoos, among which you can find the perfect one for any hair.

How often should I wash my hair?

It is a common myth that you should not wash your hair every day. However, if you use a mild shampoo and your hair needs to be refreshed often, there is no reason not to wash it every day. You should wash your hair as often as it needs it.

How to Wash Your Hair Step by Step

Step 1.

Brush your hair thoroughly before washing it. This will prevent tangling and make it easier to work the shampoo through your hair. However, this does not apply to curly hair, which is better combed wet while conditioner is on it.

Step 2.

The water you use to moisten your scalp and hair should not be too cold or too hot. Too hot or too cold is bad for your scalp and sebaceous glands and may weaken your hair.

Step 3.

After wetting your hair dilute the shampoo with water. Then it will be gentler on your skin and hair than if it was poured directly on your hair. This will also make it easier to spread the shampoo on your hair and reduce its use.

Step 4.

Massage the shampoo gently into your scalp. Importantly, do not rub your hair or scratch your skin. The lather running down your scalp will cleanse your hair, but if you feel you need to shampoo more thoroughly, work the lather gently through your hair in the direction of growth.

Step 5.

If needed, divide the hair wash into two parts, the pre-wash and the main wash. During the pre-wash, the dirt particles loosen and any remaining cosmetics are washed out of the hair. Shampoo may foam poorly, so after rinsing the hair after the initial wash, go to the second stage and perform a few minutes massage, cleaning the hair and scalp thoroughly.

Step 6.

Using plenty of warm water, thoroughly rinse the shampoo from your hair and scalp.

Step 7.

Dry your hair, squeezing out excess water with a warm towel. Apply lotion, mask or conditioner to the hair. It is important not to let the water run out of your hair as it may dilute the applied cosmetic, thus weakening its effect.

Step 8.

Rinse out the conditioner or mask with cool water. This helps to close the hair’s curves.

Step 9.

Drain excess water preferably with a soft cotton towel, cotton T-shirt or muslin towel. Remember not to rub your hair with the towel, wrap it tightly or twist it into a knot. Wet hair is very susceptible to any damage.

Step 10.

Rub a serum, oil or other protective product into the damp ends of your hair and let it dry naturally.

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