Make-up no make-up? We tell you how to do it!

Make-up no make-up? We tell you how to do it!

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Do you prefer to stand a little longer in the morning than spend that time in front of the mirror? Don’t like time-consuming and multi-step makeup? Or maybe yours is tired of heavy coverage foundations and tons of powder? We have a solution for that! Make-up no make-up!

Probably each of us would like to look phenomenal every day, but not everyone has so much time, willingness and skills to do impeccable and time-consuming make-up. But we do have a way to look gorgeous in just a few moments! What’s more, this make-up is currently very trendy and appreciated not only by famous Instagrammers but also fashion houses that want their models to show their individuality and natural beauty. So how do you do this make-up?

First with skin care!

A well moisturized and nourished face can be your calling card, even without makeup. But if you want to emphasize your beauty or cover up minor imperfections, good skin care can not only reduce inflammation, redness and minimize blemishes but it is also the key to a successful makeup. Therefore, do not forget about daily makeup removal, good cleansing, regular exfoliation or toning, as well as a decent serum, moisturizer and filter. With good care, your face will be well-groomed, radiant, firm and youthful.

Hide imperfections

Stock up on a good quality, lightweight foundation in your skin tone to even out skin tone and cover redness and minor imperfections. Also worth considering are BB or CC creams, which in addition to the above-mentioned properties also moisturize your skin and protect it from the harmful effects of the weather. Many cream foundations are equipped with a good UV filter.

The next step will be choosing a concealer. This one will do a great job with dark circles under your eyes and it will also slightly cover those imperfections that you were not able to cover with a fluid. You can also apply concealer on your eyebrows, which will additionally brighten up your look.

Finally, fix the look with a loose mineral foundation. You can opt for a light iridescent or colourless foundation.

It is also worth knowing that you should apply cream products with a sponge or a brush. This way, you can apply and distribute the product evenly and avoid transferring dirt from your fingers to your face. Dirt and bacteria can lead to blemishes, so make sure to clean dirty sponges and brushes regularly.

Pomade and mascara

Well-toned eyebrows and lashes are great for bringing out a seductive look and giving it character. However, if you have thick eyebrows you can skip painting them and just comb them well. This will give a more natural effect.

Blush and Nude Lip Colour

Blush is the perfect finishing touch to your natural makeup. It gives you a girlish charm and makes your skin look healthier and more relaxed. Nude lips allow for a natural effect and, most importantly, they are currently the hit of the season.

How do you like this kind of makeup?

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