Lash lifting and lamination – a way to lift and curl lashes

Lash lifting and lamination – a way to lift and curl lashes

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An important part of the image of a successful woman is flawless makeup. Permanent makeup is a proven way to always look perfect. Especially when, as a busy person, your every minute is precious. For various reasons, however, not every woman decides on an equally invasive procedure, although we all still want to look phenomenal. If you think that permanent make-up or 1:1 eyelash extensions are not for you, eyelash lifting and lash lumination will be an interesting alternative.

For whom?

When you are bothered by thin and straight eyelashes, and using mascara and an eyelash curler does not guarantee the desired effect, you are probably looking for the best way to improve the look of your lashes. Eyelash lift and lamination is a procedure that will give you a natural and spectacular effect. Unlike many popular methods it is not an invasive procedure and is suitable for almost every lady. Of course, there are still some contraindications to performing an eyelash lift and lamination procedure. First of all, it is not suitable for people suffering from cataracts, glaucoma or dry eye syndrome and for women who are particularly prone to eye infections and eyelash loss. If you do not have contraindications to the procedure, the good news is that it is not an expensive method, for that it is widely available, even in small beauty salons

First stage: eyelash lift

In preparation for the procedure, the beautician cleans and protects the area around the eye, and then wraps the lashes onto a silicone roller, allowing her to freely shape them. In the meantime you can comfortably lean back in the chair and enjoy your visit to the salon. What actually makes eyelash lift an equally effective method of lifting and curling eyelashes? It is all thanks to special preparations that allow for temporary change of eyelash structure and, what is most important, nourish them thoroughly at the same time. Therefore, unlike other treatments of this type, eyelash lift will not burden your eyelashes in any way, while making them more beautiful and healthier

What does an eyelash lift kit usually consist of?

  • silicone pads for shaping eyelashes;
  • glue to stick the silicon flakes on and conditioner to peel them off;
  • a fixative, thanks to which your lashes will be covered with a protective layer;
  • professional keratin conditioner;
  • preparations with which your lashes will be curled and then this effect will be fixed.

Just as you trust a professional when looking for the right beauty salon, you should also trust the brand that knows best. Noble Lashes is at the forefront of eyelash extension products.

The second stage: eyelash lamination

Right after the eyelash lift is performed, it is time for the next stage, i.e. lamination. This is an extremely important part of the procedure because it is now, through the application of keratin conditioner, that your beautician will affect not only the appearance but also the condition of your lashes. Why is this so important? All thanks to the riches of nature, contained in keratin oil. The grain proteins, soy and keratin found in its composition will provide you with the effect of nourished eyelashes, which will last up to two months after the treatment

What to remember after the treatment?

For the first twenty-four hours after the treatment, you should not wet or rub your eyes, and you should refrain from using mascara and eye creams. There is a risk that cosmetics will spoil the expected effect. After just a few days, you’ll be able to enjoy nourished, curled lashes without worrying about mascara wasting your beautician’s work.

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