8 makeup looks that can make you look older

8 makeup looks that can make you look older

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When applying makeup, we want it to emphasize the advantages of our face and at the same time cover its shortcomings. But sometimes we can unknowingly make ourselves look even a few years older. Find out what mistakes to avoid to look young, radiant and fresh

Too thick a layer of foundation

A well-chosen foundation is the basis of a perfect makeup. The right color and the right level of coverage are essential. But you can get the opposite effect by applying too much foundation on your face. Instead of looking radiant, you’ll end up with a cakey look and the excess foundation will collect in fine lines and wrinkles. Spread a thin layer of foundation, then gently pat it into your skin with a sponge. This way your complexion will be gently unified, without a mask-like effect

Overly thick under-eye concealer

To hide signs of under-eye fatigue, it’s best to use an illuminating liquid concealer with the optimal coverage level for you. Too much concealer applied thickly will accentuate all the wrinkles and creases in your skin. A thick paste concealer will weigh down the delicate under-eye area and make you feel dry all day. Apply liquid concealer in the inner corners, where dark circles are usually greatest and wrinkles are least visible. Use a brush or your fingers to apply.

Matte powder

The next makeup item, after foundation and concealer, is powder. While a matte finish to your face is a desirable effect, you can’t overdo it. Skin that is too matte will look dry and tired. However, if you don’t like the look of a shiny face, use matte powder only on the areas that get the most oil – your forehead, nose and chin. Dust the sides of your face with illuminating or satin powder. A light-reflecting face will look younger and more rested.

No blush on cheeks

Blush on cheeks is a quick way to revitalize your complexion and give it a youthful flush. Without it, the face looks flat and pale. When applying blush, make sure not to smile or do the “fishtail” pose, as this will make the blush look unnatural. Place two fingers to the side of your nose and blend the blush into a soft cloud. To give your complexion a healthy glow, you can use the illuminating version of the blush.

Outlining the Eye with a Black Pencil

It is a well-known fact that a black eyeliner line is a great way to optically enlarge your eye and open it up. However, simply outlining the eye with a black eyeliner pencil can have quite the opposite effect. An unkempt, jagged black line around the eye will visually shrink it and make us look tired. Instead choose a brown eyeliner, which you will use to draw a thin line along the lash line. Be sure to use a soft brush to blend it in gently so there are no sharp edges. For the waterline, choose a flesh-toned pencil for a bigger eye

Eyebrows that are too dark

When choosing an eyebrow enhancing product, choose a pomade, shadow or pencil that is a tone lighter than your natural hair. Eyebrows that are too dark and sharply drawn will give the impression of a menacing face and add a few years to your appearance. Softly groomed ones will warm up your face.

Smudging your lips with lip liner

Just as with eyebrows, overly defined lips can do more harm than good to your makeup. A lip liner that’s too dark will make our lips look tight, making our lips look smaller. To make your lips look bigger, use a lip liner that matches your natural lip color. Use a lip liner that matches your natural lip color to gently sculpt your lips, avoiding sharp lines and edges.

Lipstick Too Dark

Dark lip colors don’t work for women with mature skin. Unfortunately, they make lips look smaller. If you want to achieve the effect of full, juicy lips, choose bright, peachy lipstick colors. If you choose matte or satin lipstick, put some gloss in the middle of your lips and your lips will look bigger.

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