What makeup suits the office?

What makeup suits the office?

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It should not be too defiant and party-like. Ideally, it should be subdued and subtle. What shadow colors are allowed, or maybe you should not use them at all? We tell you what make-up looks good in the office.

Do you have a dilemma every morning about how to dress for work? Of course, this depends on your place of employment and whether the company imposes a predetermined dress code and makeup rules. However, regardless of the individual criteria of such a corporation, the office makeup should always be natural and light – such makeup will certainly not be a “slip-up”.

Professionalism in the workplace. Start with the right make-up

Does your workplace always look perfect? The files on your computer are sorted, the files on your desk are neatly arranged and your clients are happy to work with you? That’s great, but it’s also a sign that you should take care of your professional appearance, and a good start is a skilfully applied makeup that suits the occasion.

You must not forget that makeup is an extremely important part of our image. While, going to the party, you can go wild, for example, with the application of stronger cosmetics, but going to work, it is better to stick to the old and proven principle “the less, the better”. Business make-up cannot be exaggerated, but it has to match your type of beauty – toned and quite discreet.

Make-up for the office. What to focus on?

For makeup to look neat, we need to take care of our skin. If we have skin problems, it is worth trying to eliminate them first. Any pimples, blemishes, redness or broken capillaries can be concealed with an opaque concealer. We should also remember to match the shade of foundation to our complexion. Too big discrepancy in color can give a caricatured effect of a mask on our face

Makeup for the office should be long-lasting – after all, we will spend at least 8 hours there, so all the cosmetics can not just “flow” from us. It is not appropriate to use too shiny cosmetic products at work. No glittery eye shadow, shimmering lip gloss or strong blush with particles. It is better to opt for products in nude shades – matte lipsticks in subdued shades work well here. Matt lipsticks give a more natural effect than illuminating ones

If blush does not go well with office make-up, what can you do instead? It is a good idea to apply a bit of bronzer on your cheekbones in a pink, light bronze or even delicate apricot shade. This will give a natural flush to your face

The next stage in the make-up process is highlighting the eyes. How to do it without overdoing it? It is recommended to apply eye shadow base. Thanks to this the eye shadow will last longer on your eyelids. Keep in mind that the eyes should be emphasized the most, because they usually get all the attention. Remember, however, to keep it in moderation – sticky eyelashes and a strong eyeliner line are not suitable for the office

Lip shades should be nude, as mentioned before. A juicy red lipstick is better for evening out. Opt for subtle pink or beige shades

Besides proper make-up, you also need to remember about neat hairstyle, well-groomed nails and a well-chosen outfit. When it all comes together, surely no one at work will accuse us of being careless or too defiant in our image.

Main photo: Akson/unsplash.com

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