What are the benefits of using natural cosmetics?

What are the benefits of using natural cosmetics?

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Natural care allows you to cope with skin problems, as well as improve the condition of the skin. Organic raw materials are more valuable to our skin, and thanks to them the effect of the cosmetic becomes more concentrated. Check what else are the advantages of using natural products.

Safe composition of cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are usually distinguished by a simple composition, in which there is no need to look for chemicals, preservatives and artificial colors. Products based on plant extracts are usually free of parabens, SLS, glycols and mineral oils, which are most common in people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. In addition, cosmetics and personal care products of natural origin are characterized by gentler formulas than their standard counterparts. As a result, natural products usually do not dry out or irritate the skin

Natural cosmetics can be used for face, body and hair care. They are recommended because they provide deep hydration and soothing to the skin. Carefully selected plant extracts also protect the skin against harmful external factors and have an anti-aging effect. Thanks to the elimination of synthetic ingredients, they are also suitable for children and pregnant women. You can find a wide selection of skin care products enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea at whiteflower.com.pl

The natural extracts nurture the skin, support natural processes and are rarely allergenic. They can also be used for various ailments, for example hemp ointment for atopic dermatitis or dead sea salt for psoriasis. Carnalite salt from the Dead Sea will also work well for fighting skin problems, such as eczema or acne. The dominant ingredients of this type of salt are magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Cosmetics of natural origin will also prove useful in rehabilitation and relaxation treatments. When taking a long bath or mud wraps for the whole body, it is worth reaching for dead sea soap. Its beneficial and therapeutic effects have been known since ancient times. Mud and salt soap with minerals deeply cleanses and provides a soothing feeling after bathing

Packaging in the spirit of zero waste

In addition, many cosmetics of natural origin, such as oils or hydrolats, are characterized by versatility of use, which may suit those who support ecological solutions and the zero waste movement. Many companies producing organic cosmetics decide to introduce ecological packaging in order to reduce the amount of generated waste and reduce carbon footprint. It is advisable to buy products in reusable or biodegradable packaging, thus avoiding plastics that are harmful to the environment

Supporting animal rights

Natural and organic cosmetics are often animal-free and are not tested on animals. It is good to include in your skin care routine products that support foundations fighting for the improvement of the fate of animals and the environment. It is also worth noting that many Polish producers of natural cosmetics use raw materials sourced from local producers.

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