Makeup for blondes. Learn some make-up tricks!

Makeup for blondes. Learn some make-up tricks!

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What makeup works for women with beautiful blonde hair? How should blondes play up their strengths? What are the make-up trends of the season? We give you a hint!

Natural blondes usually have a light complexion and beautiful blue or green eyes. In this case, it is easy to wear too bland or overdone make-up, which instead of accentuating your beauty, makes your best features disappear. It is slightly better for women with dark eyes because they come to the fore. However, if you apply the wrong make-up, they will also escape attention instead of catching the eye. So how should blondes expose their assets?

French makeup

French style makeup suits many occasions and, just as importantly, highlights the assets of blondes every time. It’s easy to do but you need to make sure it’s done with quality and precision – these are the factors that determine the final result. All you need is a mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick. Evenly drawn eyeliner and precisely applied lipstick are the keys to success in French make-up.

Smoky eyes

For blondes, smoky eyes work perfectly. Smoky eyes bring out the look and make your face more distinct. It is important to know that you do not have to use a full coverage foundation to balance out your smoky eye make-up. In this case it is better to use a BB cream, which will even out the skin tone and at the same time will not clog pores resulting in pimples. In addition to a black pencil and mascara, you should also get an eyebrow comb and a pomade. This will give your eye make-up the perfect finish.

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