How do you get ready for the big night out?
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How do you get ready for the big night out?

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Weddings, balls or family parties are occasions for which everyone wants to dress up and look like a million dollars. Getting ready for the big event is not only about makeup and hairstyle. See what steps to take before an important party or a special date.

Face and Hair Care

A few days or even a week before the event you are preparing for, start a special facial treatment. A week before you go out, apply a cleansing mask so your skin has time to shed impurities. This can be a green clay, volcanic ash or activated charcoal mask. If you have blemishes or other imperfections on your face, use a chemical peel, such as one with lactic, mandelic or salicylic acid. Also take care of your skin’s hydration, use rose water, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.

Also take care of your hair, healthy, soft and shiny hair looks better when pinned up in a hairstyle. Do oiling your hair to weigh it down and moisturize it with a primer such as aloe vera gel. Use conditioners every time you wash and remember to keep a balance of humectants, proteins and emollients.

Nail styling

Hands are a kind of our business card, so take care of them and paint your nails. Hybrid manicure you can easily do yourself at home, if you have the right equipment. Colors by ChiodoPRO hybrid polishes you can easily apply at home and cure in a led or UV lamp. Hybrid manicure is much more durable than the traditional one and looks much neater, because it does not rub off and does not chip as quickly as regular polish. Nowadays, hybrid nail polishes are no longer a niche, the range of colors, finishes, and effects available on the market is incredibly wide, so you’re sure to find the perfect variant for you

Hair and Hairstyles

Hairstyle plays a huge role in how you look. An elegant updo adds class to your look and makes your outfit look more put together. Healthy and well-groomed hair is the basis for a beautiful hairstyle. As long as you take the time to care for your hair before going out, any updo will do just fine. However, if you are unhappy with the state of your hair, you dream of styling it to a different length than your own or you have a lot of regrowth, don’t be afraid to wear a wig Shop online for a wide selection of different types of wigs in many colors and lengths. It’s a great way to change your image a bit and look just the way you want


Doing your makeup yourself before a big event can be stressful. The worst case scenario when doing your smokey eye is getting black eye shadow all over your face. Unfortunately, even if you leave your face makeup for the very end, removing the dark shadow from under your eye can be problematic. You can use your eye makeup time for skincare at the same time. If you’re pressed for time, you can easily use makeup eye patches. An eye patch with a nourishing eye mask will catch the sagging dark circles, which you can easily remove later along with the mask. This will help you avoid mishaps with unsightly dark streaks under your eyes and on your cheeks

The big night out is an occasion to enjoy and should not be stressful. To avoid unnecessary nerves on the day of an important event, prepare for it in advance. By starting your preparations even a week in advance, you can easily and efficiently get ready on the day of the event and look phenomenal

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