Tips on how to match skirts to your figure
Tips from the stylist

Tips on how to match skirts to your figure

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A well-fitted skirt is perfect both for everyday outfits and more elegant ones. If you want to look phenomenal, choose a skirt which will emphasize your figure and cover your weaknesses at the same time. How to choose the perfect skirt?

Where to start?

When choosing the perfect skirt start with defining your body type. All you need for this is a tailor’s tape measure. Measure the circumference of your shoulders, waist and hips, and then check their proportions. They form the frame of your figure and are the most important styling lines. The basic types are pear, hourglass and apple. Remember that regardless of your figure type and size, every figure is beautiful and unique! You just need to emphasize it properly

Pear shape

If you have beautiful, feminine curves, but also wide hips, you probably have a pear shape. Pears are characterized by narrow shoulders and a long, slightly nipped-in waist. Hips are much wider than the upper part of the body and additionally the widest point of the body is located in the upper part of the thighs. Thus, in pears the hip zone can be distinguished, because although the biological hips are higher, the widest point of the body is located near the thighs. Therefore, pears strive to slim this area. In this case a flared A-line skirt is a perfect choice. Its flared cut emphasizes waistline, which can be additionally accentuated with a belt, and at the same time hides the hip line. Match it with a blouse or shirt with a boat neckline to even out the shoulder line. Remember, however, that flared skirts make your silhouette shorter – if you are shorter than 160 cm, wear heeled shoes. Straight pencil skirts are also a great option for a pear-shaped figure. However, they must not fit tightly to the body or be too small. Dark-colored skirts, such as black, maroon or brown, work well

Hourglass silhouette

Its name speaks for itself – the hip line is equal to the shoulder line, and the waist has a strong indentation, making the figure resemble an hourglass. This is the proportions we aim for when composing outfits for other silhouettes. When choosing outfits for women of this figure type, we should emphasize harmonious proportions and focus on highlighting a beautiful waist. Fitted cuts of clothes, such as pencil skirts, may help. It is best if it has a high waist. If you are short, remember that the skirt should end before the knee to avoid optical shortening of the figure. To draw attention even more to your perfect waistline, add a belt to the skirt

Apple shapes

Apple silhouettes have a slightly more developed shoulder line, wider than the hip line. Their waist is moderately to very slightly outlined and therefore hardly visible. Hips in comparison to the shoulders appear very flat, and in combination with a small waistline the silhouette appears angular and lacks feminine shape. Apples are usually tall and have long, shapely legs. Styling should aim to even out the proportion between the upper and lower body, slim the shoulders, emphasize the hips, expose the legs and give the figure a feminine shape. Draped skirts, which thanks to pleats optically widen the hips, will be perfect. You may also opt for a skirt with colourful patterns, which will also draw the eye to your long legs. A skirt with frills may also turn out to be a great choice. Made of flowy and lightweight material, it will add volume to your hips and airy lightness to your silhouette. The pleated basque style balances out the broad shoulder line perfectly.

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