Eyebrow treatments. Check which ones will work for you

Eyebrow treatments. Check which ones will work for you

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Neat, thick eyebrows are the dream of many women, and since necessity is the mother of invention, more and more treatments are being developed to improve their appearance. Even if you don’t have dark eyebrows by nature, you can change their color, shape and even make them clearly defined.

 It is worth remembering that eyelashes and eyebrows are the setting of the eyes, and especially the latter are designed to give the face a certain look. What treatments are currently in vogue?

How to get stunning eyebrows?

Despite appearances, you can get beautiful eyebrows, in any shape, faster than you think, you just need to choose the right treatment. You can choose from several, which are currently leading the cosmetic market. So you can freely change the thickness, density and even the color of your eyebrows. Of course, each procedure should be performed by a qualified person who will not damage the delicate hairs, and on top of that, will ensure that the skin is not irritated. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones, which will work for virtually every woman.

Henna eyebrows

This treatment is familiar to every woman. The light dye makes the hairs take on a new color, refreshed and more intense. The appearance of the face is then completely changed – be sure not to overdo the shade! There are gel, liquid, and powder versions available. A pre-prepared concoction of henna and hydrogen peroxide water is then applied to the hair-covered skin, and you should wait a few or even several minutes.

However, remember to follow the rule that if you have dark hair, your eyebrows should be a tone lighter than them. On the other hand, if you are blonde or have red hair, go for a tone darker than the hair on your head.

Eyebrow lamination

This is currently one of the most popular eyebrow treatments. It allows you to make them visibly thicker, as well as arrange them in the right direction. Then the hairs appear thicker, are more glued to the skin, and take on the right shape. The whole process involves the application of special substances that coat the hair structure and, in addition, stiffen it. The whole thing really looks delightful, and on top of that it’s very on-trend. You can even tease your hair!


Among light eyebrow treatments, you’ll also find more permanent ones for those who struggle with various cavities or have sparse hair. This is when microblading or permanent makeup comes to the rescue. In this case, ink is inserted under the skin and the hairs or the entire outline of the eyebrows are drawn from scratch.

Such a process is painful and it is an invasive procedure, but you can get really great results. This is noticed by people who had no hair in this area at all. Due to the fact that the mascara is in tiny incisions on the skin, it lasts much longer. However, it is necessary to correct the procedure every 2-3 years or so to keep the eyebrows looking great. You can also use the shading method, which is performed with a special device. This makes them look very natural, as if covered with a crayon or shadow. Remember, however, that even if you perform such a procedure, light hairs should be dyed with henna so that they do not stand out from the rest.

main photo: unsplash.com/Rune Enstad

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