Sandals – what to wear with them?
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Sandals – what to wear with them?

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When the really warm months arrive, it’s time to say goodbye to indoor shoes. Keep a pair or two of sneakers, stash away your winter footwear, and make room at the top of your closet for sandals. These are shoes that definitely reign in the summer and late spring. Comfortable and versatile, they will allow you to create a variety of looks. Starting from a trip to the local store, through a weekend out of town, to a company party or a family celebration – they are suitable for every place and every occasion.

Designers have disenchanted a terrible trend

Do you associate sandals and socks only with vacations and not very stylish choice, in which mainly men were leading? It turns out that this typically Polish combination in the opinion of world-famous designers is not as terrible as we think. Combining socks with sandals does not have to mean a fashion faux-pas. Remember, however, that how you do it is still important. Choose semi-transparent black socks and match them with platform sandals of the same color. This is an interesting way to draw attention to your legs. Another great example is leather sandals in a light shade with a small heel. Pair them with ankle socks in a similar color – an interesting option is knee-high socks with two straps at the top – and enjoy an intriguing but comfortable look for informal outings. When we still lack completely summer temperatures, but it’s too warm for indoor shoes – socks and sandals for a comfortable trend that the whole west is currently crazy about.

Women’s espadrilles

Women’s espadrillesandals are another great choice if you want a look that works in informal situations. Are you going to spend the weekend out of town? Or maybe you just need to do some grocery shopping? Stylists recommend pairing espadrilles with floral dresses or skirts. If you want to wear them with pants, opt for a colorful, feminine blouse for a chic and graceful look.

Flip flop sandals go with everything

The only thing these sandals have in common is the strap between your big toe and the next one. Flip flop sandals come in many different designs. Popular beach sandals that go with a flowy dress. Sporty ones, which are perfect for creating a style that is both sporty and casual. There are really a lot of possibilities and it all depends on what you want to create – this kind of women’s sandals will be fashionable always and in every styling. You simply can’t go wrong!

Elegance in a heel

These are the sandals you reach for when the thermometer shows a high temperature and you want to look elegant. If you’re heading out on a date, get your favourite sandals out of your closet, add a sparkly cocktail dress and some accessories and you’ve got yourself an evening look! When choosing an outfit for a corporate meeting, also do not hesitate to choose sandals. Elegant models are in no way inferior to indoor shoes and are less and less often considered as something inappropriate. They go well with an elegant blouse and skirt or pants in an interesting color. Opt for cherry red or navy blue and you will look perfect. An important event is coming up and you want to look your best despite the weather? Heeled sandals are a great choice if you match them with a more elegant dress. They’ll easily provide the perfect backdrop to your outfit – the real star.

When certain rules must not be broken

But what about the situations in which you must keep your fingers covered? Designers outdo each other in inventing models that have covered toes. They still present the charm and lightness of sandals, which, after all, we care so much about, and at the same time they are perfect for those occasions when you need to present yourself in a more sophisticated way. Covered toe sandals pair well with one-piece outfits or elegant skirts.

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