3 ways to enhance your outfit with jewelry
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3 ways to enhance your outfit with jewelry

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Well-chosen jewelry is a beautiful complement to an outfit. It will make you look very elegant and will give character to your outfit. So which jewelry should you choose? We present our 3 ideas.

Oversize earrings and chains

Recently oversize version of jewelry became extremely fashionable and it will give some character to every style. Earrings should be big and long, we’re not talking about delicate chains but chains. This is certainly jewelry for brave women who want their outfit to be original. Such a strong accessory will look great with a basic but elegant outfit, for example with tight turtleneck, straight pants and high stiletto heels – if you also choose all black outfit and emphasize your lips, you can be sure of timeless elegance with a touch of nonchalance. Remember, however, that if you choose to accentuate your outfit with jewelry, you should opt for one of the options. Combining large earrings with a massive necklace may turn out to be too overwhelming

If you have decided to adorn your ears, then pay attention to your beauty type. Silver earrings will suit women with cool beauty, while gold earrings will suit women with warm beauty. Also choose those that will not only be long and massive, but also heavily decorated. This season we bet on pearls, shiny stones, metal with a clear, “creased” texture. Such a proposition has appeared, for example, at Paco Rabanne. When it comes to chain necklaces, go for the thickest and most fancy ones, like those worn by Vivienne Westwood or Givenchy.

Accentuate your hands with rings

Sometimes the style itself is so rich that matching earrings, a necklace or even a bracelet can be quite a challenge. In this situation you should bet on rings. They will beautifully emphasize your hands and will be a subtle, but noticeable decoration and complement the outfit. So if you plan to wear a dress with stones or glittering, extravagant cut, match it with a few rings – wear even 3 or 4 on one hand. However, try to keep them close to each other to ensure the style is harmonious. So choose one shade of material. You can follow the same rule as with earrings – for a cold beauty choose silver, and for a warm one gold. Rings should also be similar in style – a large, artistic ring with colourful stones will not go well with a classic diamond or zirconia ring. In your search for the perfect jewelry, be sure to visit the Missebo Jewellry website

Hair Clips

If you want to add some lightness and girlishness to your hairstyle, then hair clips are perfect for this role. You can choose from silver, gold, embossed or pearl. Small and delicate or big and chunky. There is a lot to choose from and hair clips have recently become a very popular and stylish jewellery accessory. But what can you match them with. First of all, with long and airy dresses. You can also match them with classic and elegant casual outfits, for example with a fitted or sweater turtleneck. It will be the perfect accessory for the approaching autumn and winter.

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