Caramel trench – 5 super styling ideas for women over 40!
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Caramel trench – 5 super styling ideas for women over 40!

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Stylists unanimously claim that a caramel trench should find its place in every woman’s closet. It looks extremely elegant, fits every outfit and is a universal purchase for many years. It is suitable for each season, however it looks best in early spring or autumn. Such great stars as Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn have contributed to its popularity. Below, we show 5 outfits in which the caramel-coloured trench plays a leading role.

  1. The classic trench

The classic trench has two rows of buttons and a waist belt. This model is ideal for shaping the figure and adding elegance to any outfit. Caramel trench goes well with pencil dresses, beige tights and elegant shoes. In the spring, stiletto heels go well with it, while in the autumn – high-heeled boots. The dress should have a simple cut and be devoid of additional embellishments, such as lace or frills, but recently dresses with collars have become fashionable, which will look great in combination with a caramel trench. Make sure that the accessories do not overwhelm the whole outfit. The perfect finish to it will be a small black handbag with a classic look

  1. Caramel trench and elegant styling

The caramel trench coat in an elegant version is a combination of stilettos, chinos, shirts and skirts. There are no limits here. The trench is ideal as an elegant outer garment. You can wear it to a formal dinner or a business meeting without a second thought. What colors look best with a caramel trench? Definitely dark. Black always looks good and we recommend accessories in this color, such as an elegant handbag or shoes. What is more, navy blue and grey look good together with caramel color. A skirt or chinos in this color go well with the rest of your outfit. Match with a light-colored shirt or elegant blouse. You can wear a wool beret or other darker-colored headgear on your head. When it comes to shoes, it is good if they are moccasins or boots with a thicker heel

  1. Caramel trench for a sporty look

If you want to create a sporty look, it’s a good idea to swap your smart shoes for sporty sneakers or sneakers for a start. The trench is a very versatile piece of clothing and looks good in almost any combination. However, it is not only trendy sneakers or sneakers that show sporty style. Wear a cotton or kangaroo pullover with pockets at the bottom. It may have a hood but it will be slightly distracting when worn with a trench coat. Bottoms are usually light denim pants of various cuts. Still dominated by skinny jeans, the trench can be matched with boyfriend or jogger pants. Accessorize with a baseball cap, a kidney bag or a small backpack thrown nonchalantly on the back

  1. An original combination – caramel coat, boyfriend pants and stilettos

This type of clothes can be used to create original styling, you just need to put them together. Boyfriend pants suit many figures and there is no denying that they look great on women. Recently, combining them with stiletto heels has won hearts. What to wear on top? Everything depends on the color of pants. For light ones we recommend a white shirt or a thin light sweater, a caramel-colored overcoat, and as a finishing touch – stilettos in a chosen color. Dark jeans go well with bottle green, red and blue. Lighter colors are recommended to be worn in spring, and darker ones in autumn. The caramel coat looks great in this combination. Styling will work well at work, where there is no rigid dress code, or at a casual meeting with friends

  1. It-girls styling

These styles are made for fans of comfortable clothes. They consist of a caramel-coloured coat and wider pants. The outfits are dominated by tracksuits and cotton sweatshirts. Everything in trendy shades of beige. The whole is finished with large, sporty white shoes and small bags in interesting shapes and patterns. They can have geometric patterns or unusual graphics.

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