Do you know how to fit a coat or jacket to your figure?
Tips from the stylist

Do you know how to fit a coat or jacket to your figure?

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It seems that winter closet broadens us and adds a few extra pounds. If this is the case, it is quite possible that you own a poor model of coat or jacket. Find out how to choose the perfect one for your body type.


The figure is characterized by shoulders and hips of the same width and a fairly narrow waist. What’s more, it’s the figure that all other figure types strive for, yet it’s quite difficult to dress. How is it possible? Because it is easy to disturb the ideal proportions of an hourglass figure by choosing the wrong model, which will broaden the figure too much at the top, bottom or, worse, will not emphasize the waist. That is why in their case well-fitted and slim fit coats made of good quality wool will work. If you have an hourglass figure, avoid buffet sleeves, too wide collars or creases at the hips, which could disrupt the ideal proportions.

Pear shape

Ladies blessed with a pear figure have broader, from the shoulders, hips and quite massive thighs. At the same time they usually have small breasts, narrow waist and flat stomach. To balance the proportions of the rather massive bottom choose those models, which widen the upper part of your body. Therefore, look for jackets and coats with large collars, fur hoods or epaulettes on shoulders. In this case, slightly flared models with waist ties will also work well. The latter will undoubtedly emphasize the advantages of your silhouette, while hiding what you do not want to show.

Remember also to avoid any decorative elements, pockets with flaps or darts at the bottom of a jacket or coat. These may unnecessarily add extra kilograms. Oversized models, as well as those that end at hip height, are unfavorable for pears.


Ladies with an apple silhouette have curves located around the abdomen and hips. They also have slim and shapely legs, which is why they should proudly present them in their outfits. If you have an apple figure choose simple, classic models of jackets and coats, knee-length or ¾ length, which will slim your figure. Styles with pointed collars are also a great choice. On the other hand, avoid creases, too large collars, epaulettes and too short cuts.

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