Do you have dry skin on your elbows? Find out what it could mean!
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Do you have dry skin on your elbows? Find out what it could mean!

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Do you feel an itch in your elbow area after washing? Is your skin constantly peeling in that area? Or no matter how many times you moisturize it, it still feels dry? Find out what could be causing it.

1. Diabetes

One of the first symptoms of diabetes is dry skin. Dryness can appear all over or on specific parts of the body, such as the elbows, knees, ankles, hands or lips.

2. Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema

If you’ve been experiencing dryness for a long time and moisturizing doesn’t help, it’s worth visiting a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis. Getting effective treatment and following your doctor’s recommendations can significantly reduce or even stop the development of these skin conditions.

3. Diet

A huge impact on the condition of our skin has a diet. It should provide us with all the necessary nutrients. Verify your menu and check whether to provide healthy fats or fatty fish. Thanks to them your skin will become more elastic and moisturized. Water is also great for hydration. So make sure you are getting the right amount of fluids each day.

4. Cosmetics, washing powder or fabric softener

Improper care or detergents can irritate your skin and cause excessive dryness. Therefore, give up your current products for a while in favor of the gentle alternatives.

5. Skin care

During autumn and winter, our skin needs to be properly moisturized, so try to oil it with creams, oils or lotions, especially after bathing.

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