Your skin is tired after the summer. How to regenerate it?
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Your skin is tired after the summer. How to regenerate it?

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Summer is a time of carefree, great fun and spending a lot of time outdoors. Despite the fact that we supplement vitamin D deficiency and get a lot of joy from sunny days, our skin needs regeneration after the summer. It is worth knowing what treatments to use when it gets a little cooler outside

Many people after the vacations feel that their skin is dry, full of discoloration and unevenness. During the summer months, skin can lose a lot of water, making it important to hydrate it properly.

Sunbathing is a very enjoyable part of your vacation, but it can irritate your skin, so don’t do without exfoliating treatments. Even now it is worth thinking about a home spa, which you can prepare for yourself on an autumn evening, with candles and a hot infusion of herbs. Learn about a few simple but effective methods that will regenerate your skin and allow it to regain its natural glow. Check what your options are and don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a beautiful complexion!

3 steps to help your skin recover from the summer heat


A very important step in skin recovery after summer is proper cleansing with nourishing scrubs. These types of treatments are great for exfoliating dead skin, which reduces discoloration and improves skin tone. They also have a great impact on nourishing the skin and the elimination of blackheads

It is worth choosing a peeling, focusing on the needs of our skin, so that the regeneration will be most effective and noticeable.


Summer is the time when the skin loses most water, so its hydration is a key element of regeneration. It is worth to approach this issue in two steps, which is to take care of both internal and external hydration. Your care should not lack products rich in hyaluronic acid, Shea butter, vitamins and allantoin

A balanced diet and drinking plenty of water will also be important. The air we usually spend a lot of time in is also important, so it is time to turn off the air conditioners, which are very drying for the skin.


The process of skin regeneration also requires the use of nourishing agents that will make it radiant and naturally beautiful

During the autumn rituals, it is worth taking the time to rebuild the skin’s hydrolipid flora. Treatments, masks and therapies containing nourishing ingredients will be helpful. An excellent method will be the use of natural cosmetics and preparations rich in vitamins A, E and C.

You should especially take care of the area under the eyes, which is covered with delicate and sensitive skin. It is there that signs of fatigue or the first wrinkles are most visible. A good practice will be to use an eye cream adapted to our skin type.

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