Seventh-year syndrome. Does it really exist?

Seventh-year syndrome. Does it really exist?

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It is worth knowing that the basis for creating a good relationship is, above all, the ability to accept oneself. Thanks to this we become richer internally and at the same time more interesting for our partner

A lot can be said about relationships. First of all, that there must appear in them intimacy and closeness. A key element of any relationship is also friendship and love. It is worth knowing that you need to take care of your relationship with your partner at every stage of the relationship. A good way are small rituals, planning time together, initiating situations in which we celebrate our love, showing tenderness and passion at the same time

Seventh year syndrome – what is this phenomenon?

Scientists have done a lot of research on relationships, relationships and the amount of divorce. More studies indicate that there is a fourth-year syndrome, but does it really exist?

A very large number of people may notice that there comes a point in a relationship where there is an over-saturation of self to the point of a loss of interest in the partner. This is inevitable, but you need to know how to deal with it. There doesn’t have to be a crisis right away that breaks us, which eventually leads to breakups and divorces. Many people can confirm that the crisis was necessary and dealing with it is a great opportunity for the relationship and its future.

Is a crisis in a relationship necessary? – How to deal with it?

Every crisis enriches us with new experiences. A good way is couples therapy, which is not a shame, but a chance to rebuild the relationship. Couples therapy is one way to go when you are not coping with your problems. Many couples have had this experience which they sincerely recommend. It is also a great opportunity to accelerate the growth of a relationship, especially when you really want to be together

Arguments – shouldn’t they happen in ideal relationships?

Arguments have always been, are and will always be inevitable. Even in the best of relationships you can get tired of each other and there is nothing strange about that. The fact that we get tired of each other is perfectly natural. What is important, however, is how can we approach this so that the relationship survives?

In good relationships, partners are constantly keeping some kind of watch on each other and their behavior. It is important to be able to talk about difficult topics and problems, to understand your partner and to give them what they need at the moment

Fashion a partner swap and the problem disappears?

Replacing a partner is the easiest solution when problems arise. When a crisis arises, the thought of changing the partner comes. Everything depends on the type of conflict and problems. You should not decide too hastily to separate, but there are many different situations in which divorce is even advisable. The best solution would be to see a professional to help you decide what the best solution would be.

Why isn’t it easy to have a good relationship?

First of all, to have a good relationship you have to like yourself. Problems that we bring into a relationship affect it negatively. The way to a perfect relationship is to notice your own problems and work on them. It is also important to be able to manage your own stress. On the surface, it may seem like it’s irrelevant to the situation, but stress can make a lot of noise.

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