Fear of changing jobs. What are we afraid of and how do we deal with it?
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Fear of changing jobs. What are we afraid of and how do we deal with it?

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Some people who are considering a job change feel anxiety about the situation. What fears are most common for employees looking to make a change in their career path? Let’s find out!

Fear of new responsibilities and lack of experience

A common fear that accompanies people who are thinking about changing their current job, and what is more – a complete change of career, is the fear of whether they will be able to cope in the new field? Doesn’t lack of experience in the industry contribute to failure in this field? It is obvious that everyone who changes the industry, at the beginning has to learn new things, adapt to the new working environment and step by step gain successive “degrees of initiation”.

Fear of taking risks

Another source of many doubts about changing jobs is the fear of the risks involved. We are never guaranteed that charting a new career path will be a good decision. However, if we feel burnt out and our current job does not give us any satisfaction, maybe it is worth to take a risk and change the profession? We don’t have to dive right in and leave our job. We can introduce ourselves step by step into a new environment – participate in industry training and courses to gain contacts, start our fledgling business in our spare time e.g. at weekends or in the afternoons.

Fear of possible financial problems

Although the motivation to change the industry is often the desire to improve earnings, some people have doubts whether they can afford to make such a change in life. It is known that at the beginning the payment will probably be lower, but with experience our earnings will also go up

How to prevent a possible financial disaster? Before you start your own business in a completely new industry or start looking for a permanent job – you should gather savings which will allow you to survive a few months without stress. A reasonable assumption would be to create a safety cushion equivalent to our 6 salaries.

Fear of strong competition in the market

The last fear that many people struggle with is the fear of competition. In every industry, there are companies and people who can be competitive with us. However, this should not be an argument to stop fighting for your dreams. A better approach will be to observe the actions of competitors for inspiration – thanks to this, instead of getting sad, we will learn, for example, new marketing techniques, a way to communicate with customers. Let’s remember, everyone once started, and did not know anything (or did not know much). It is worth having a positive attitude and approaching a new job with a smile, instead of analyzing only black scenarios in your head.

If you feel a strong need for new professional challenges, feel burned out, want to be paid more or simply gain financial independence by working on your own – it is worth leaving your current job and looking for happiness somewhere else.

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