Autumn return to the office – what to bet on?
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Autumn return to the office – what to bet on?

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Ah, those autumn styles. We have to admit that we love them! This time of year definitely gives you a lot of room for improvement when it comes to clothes and accessories. Check out what closet items are worth betting on if you work in an office.

Autumn styling means a lot of possibilities

What do we love this moment in fashion so much for, when summer slowly turns into autumn? First of all, for how a variety of closet items and accessories can be combined with each other. It’s that moment when we still sometimes wear a sweater with open-toed shoes, when we don’t necessarily put on tights or a coat. At the same time, it is no longer hot, so we increasingly rely on wrapping scarves, and we replace shorts with classic jeans or colorful cigarette pants. In a nutshell, autumn offers a wide variety of exciting styling possibilities. 

If you work in the office, all the more reason to create interesting outfits. We suggest what clothes will work great.

Classic, but not boring

Of course, the classics will always work perfectly, and it is the classic elements of your closet that you should bet on in order to look stylish. What do we have in mind? Certainly in office styling will work clothes such as a white shirt, cigarette pants, trench, jacket. If you are not bound by a strongly formal dress code, jeans will also prove to be a good idea. As for shoes, get good quality pumps, moccasins or ballerinas. 

However, keep in mind that classic doesn’t have to mean boring at all – there are ways to do this and we are very happy to present them.

White shirt and jeans – check it out!

For starters, we’d like to offer you a combination that will be great for summer and autumn. Although it will be chic, it has that holiday laid-back feel to it! We are, of course, talking about the juxtaposition of well-tailored denim pants with a white shirt. It’s what makes the outfit look elegant and perfect for the office, while the jeans make the whole look a little less formal. Accessories will also be key here. We advise you to opt for more elegant footwear, but style yourself more casual when it comes to makeup and hairstyle.

Soft make-up and loose hair will look great. What about adding a beaded bracelet you bought at a beachside stall? Such an interesting touch is like winking at everyone!

Little black in several ways

The perfect dress for the office is also a little black dress of the right length – ultra-short options are better left in the closet and reached for when you go out to a party. We like the little black for work above all for how many ways it can be styled. If you want to give your look a looser touch, match this type of dress with your favorite sneakers. However, to emphasize the office character – a blazer will still come in handy! What do you think? 

Autumn sweater in the office version

If autumn, then also warm sweaters. If you think that they are not suitable for the office, you are wrong! We have ideas for such outfits as well. How about combining a warm autumn sweater with cigarette pants and shoes with heels or moccasins? In such an outfit you will look great, very elegant and professional. You can also combine such a sweater with a pencil skirt and stilettos. What do you think?

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