Summer in the office – 5 styling ideas
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Summer in the office – 5 styling ideas

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Working in the office in the summer can be tiring, especially when we don’t have air conditioning in the room. How to adjust your outfit to high temperatures while looking professional and neat?

How to survive the heat at work? Stylists’ tips

Before we present our summer fashion inspirations for the office, it is worth mentioning a few tricks, which will help you cope with the hot days at work. It is a good idea to invest in clothes made of natural fabrics – if we do not want to sweat too much, let’s skip clothes with polyester and nylon, in favour of those made of linen, cotton, silk and viscose. Apart from the type of material, the cut is also very important – in summer it is worth betting on looser outfits, we will feel really comfortable in them, spending long hours sitting at the desk.

Summer styling for work – 1 suggestion

How to fit into the office dress code, when the temperature outside the window exceeds 25 degrees Celsius? The perfect solution will be a linen suit in white color, which will not only make us look elegant, but also provide maximum comfort during hot weather. Linen is an exceptional fabric, thanks to which the skin breathes (it guarantees pleasant coolness). With proper care, a suit can last for years. To complete the outfit, wear black leather pumps with a soft insole and a briefcase in the same color. This minimalist and modern outfit is sure to turn heads at work!

Summer hairstyle for the office – suggestion 2

Another suggestion for an office look is a cream shirt made of airy viscose and brown pants with a slight edge, which will look perfect together with suede stiletto heels. A black leather belt with a shiny buckle and a large necklace, or even two, will add class and elegance. This conservative outfit will emphasize the beauty of both slim and fuller figure women.

Summer hairstyle for work – 3 proposals

If a more casual style of dress is welcome at our work, it is worth investing in a simple linen dress with a collar and belt. An interesting choice will be a model in green, which will beautifully highlight our summer tan. Complete the outfit with beige pumps and you are ready to wear summer clothing to the office!

Summer hairstyle for work – 4 proposals

A natural material, which is also fantastic for summer, is the well-known and loved cotton. Fans of feminine outfits will feel great in a blue, slightly flared dress with a retro cut. A beautifully finished collar, decorative buttons and a belt at the waist diversify the look of the dress, making it elegant and tasteful. What shoes should you choose for this look? Light pink pumps with a low heel are suitable. A black bag with ample space can easily hold items such as a make-up bag, lunch set or laptop. This look is particularly flattering on blondes.

Summer Styling for Work – Suggestion 5

The last hot summer outfit suggestion is a dark brown silk shirt and a white viscose midi skirt. For a more casual, holiday look, tie a caramel-colored braided leather belt at the waist. A light brown handbag and high stiletto heels with discreet snake pattern will complete the look.

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