What to wear to the office in the fall?
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What to wear to the office in the fall?

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Autumn is a very capricious season, the weather changes like a kaleidoscope, which makes it very difficult to choose an outfit appropriate to the conditions outside the window. Leaving for work in the morning you have to be prepared for any change that may occur during the day – from heat to storm. How to plan an outfit suitable for all conditions? See how to dress for the office in autumn.

Layers – the way to go in all weathers

The famous saying about “dressing in layers”, which is laughed at by many nowadays, is actually quite right. Wearing several layers allows you to adapt your outfit to the weather. The basis of your outfit should be a simple, classic t-shirt, which you can buy or even design yourself at https://diwu.pl/pl/10-damskie. Put a thin sweater or cardigan on top, which you can take off and put in your bag when the weather gets warmer, and put it back on when the temperature drops again. Apart from that, you can also keep a slightly thicker and warmer sweater at the office permanently, and don’t forget an autumn coat or jacket for going out. There is no outfit more versatile in terms of weather than just this one, consisting of several layers. Of course, as the weather cools down for late autumn and the beginning of winter, these layers should be modified so that even in sub-zero temperatures you won’t get cold on the way to work or overheat in a heated office.

Elegant but warm autumn shoes

In recent years the winters have not been too harsh, so heavily insulated boots with high uppers were often unnecessary. Taking advantage of such a state of affairs, you can buy one boot for the whole autumn-winter season. Women’s lace-up ankle baggers will be a fantastic addition to any outfit and will work well in late autumn downpours or even light snow. These are warm, fully built shoes with a very universal cut. They will match both elegant office stylizations and completely casual everyday outfits. No matter what you want to wear, your feet will be warm and dry in baggers. For early autumn or warmer October days, moccasins, which do not heat the foot so much, will be perfect. With these two models of shoes, you can create styles that perfectly match the weather and the weather outside.

Accessories for fall

As you know, autumn is the time when the heating season is just beginning. If the radiators in your office are still cold, despite low temperatures outside, you can warm up a bit at work thanks to accessories. First of all, scarves and neckerchiefs can help you not to catch a cold during cold mornings or evenings. For example, if you wear a large, square scarf with your coat, it can be used as a blanket to cover your shoulders or knees to warm up. Avoid metal jewelry that takes in low temperatures from the environment and can cause very uncomfortable feelings and shivers on your skin. You can complete the look with fashionable bag styles, including shopper bags.

Matching the perfect outfit to the weather for the whole day is quite a challenge, especially since what you see outside the window has less and less to do with the actual temperature outside. It is known that in the office you need to be elegant and stylish, but it is also important that you are not frozen, so take care of your health and choose warm autumn outfits

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