Sustainable fashion, or how to buy consciously and be eco-friendly?
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Sustainable fashion, or how to buy consciously and be eco-friendly?

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Ecology has been growing in strength and importance for several years. Customers not only pay attention to what and how the clothes are made of, but whether they are produced in harmony with the environment. They are definitely more willing to choose good quality clothes made of high quality materials, which will serve them for many seasons. Changing attitude towards shopping has also forced changes in big companies and global brands.

Ecological awareness is the key to take care of our environment. Until now we thought that our choices do not matter. After all, there are almost 7 billion people living on our planet, so are my habits able to change anything? It turns out that yes! And a lot of it. The shift in thinking has made our choices, as well as the choices of others, have a huge impact and influence on the world around us. We have noticed that with small steps we change our surroundings. Seeing local changes makes us feel stronger for the next ones. And this is how ecology, long neglected and pushed under the rug, has grown to the point where leading global brands have to reckon with it. What’s more, the increase in customer awareness determines the success of any given collection.

Sustainable fashion is not just about buying fewer clothes, but choosing them consciously. This not only benefits our planet, but also our wallets and health. Instead of buying a pile of non-organic sweaters made of polyamides or aryls, which wear out after one or two washes, it is better to invest in one of good quality and natural materials. This one will not only be a better choice for our planet, but it will be warm and will undoubtedly serve us for many years. What’s more, a good quality sweater will add to our uncommon class and style.

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