How to match bracelets with an outfit?
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How to match bracelets with an outfit?

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An important element of any outfit are accessories, which can change any styling and conjure up from one outfit several completely different creations. One such accessory is jewelry. Women have the comfort that the choice of women’s jewelry is extremely wide, so it is easy to choose something that suits your style. The most versatile jewelry are bracelets, which will match any outfit for any occasion. See how to match bracelets with your outfit.

Bracelets for everyday wear

For everyday wear jewelry is as important as for big outings so do not resign yourself to wearing shiny accessories with your regular outfit. Whether you are going to work, for a walk or even to the gym, you can choose bracelets that will not take away from your comfort, but will add spice to the style you choose. The perfect solution for every day is a celebrity bra celet – a small, simple bracelet with pendants, usually on a chain or string. Such bracelets are a great addition to both dresses and pants, they can decorate an outfit to the office or to a house party. It is a fantastic and very versatile style of jewelry which does not dominate styling but is only a charming and delicate accent. Your everyday outfits can also shine, whether you are a fan of classic dresses or sporty clothes.

Bracelets for important occasions

For formal or prom outfits, it is advisable to take care of matching jewelry. A women’s bracelet on the wrist always looks good and classic. Unlike large, ornate necklaces or long earrings it will not dominate the whole outfit but will add beautiful glitter and make the whole outfit more elegant. It is widely known that well chosen jewelry is the basis of elegance. You do not have to resign from wearing a bracelet even if your dress is very glittering and decorative. While other types of jewelry could overwhelm an outfit with too much glitter, bracelets are such a subtle addition that you don’t have to worry about the glamour causing a kitsch impression

A bracelet for the beach?

Airy summer looks, and even swimwear, can benefit a lot from accessories. Who said a bracelet can only be worn on the wrist? The ankle bra celet is back in style after almost twenty years! Very popular in the nineties and early 2000s, ankle bracelets are again becoming a hit among jewellery accessories. They are the perfect accessory to flip-flops or sandals, which very often reign on sidewalks and beaches in summer. Actually, any shoe which uncovers the ankle will be a perfect base, which can be decorated with such bracelet. Foot in jewelry will look phenomenal and will certainly attract the eyes of many people

What jewelry to pair bracelets with?

Wearing classy jewelry comes with a few rules you should know. Do not concentrate too much glitter in one place. Match bracelet with earrings, necklace or pendant and do not wear bracelets with rings. Except for very delicate jewelry, thin chain with small pendant and small ring can still look good. The same goes for pairing earrings with beads or necklaces. If you like big, eye-catching jewelry, choose one of these two, but if you prefer subtle, not too ornate models, there is nothing stopping you from wearing both

Jewelry is an adornment for every woman, which is why we reach for it so often. It is an accessory for everyday life as well as for big occasions. It fits perfectly to a sports outfit and to an evening dress. Bracelets in particular are extremely versatile and offer many styling options. Choose the perfect bracelet for you today!

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