Slim your figure in the winter season with these clothes! See how to create a unique look!
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Slim your figure in the winter season with these clothes! See how to create a unique look!

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Women wearing plus size often have problems with choosing clothes that will effectively emphasize their assets while covering their weaknesses. Below we present suggestions of winter essentials for every fluffy woman’s closet.

How to dress in winter wearing plus size?

What kind of clothes will work best in the winter season for women wearing size XL? Here are some practical tips on the subject.

  • The ideal pants for women wearing plus size are simple cropped models in dark colors such as black, navy or graphite, matched with heeled shoes in a similar shade. Jeans with traditional straight leg will work equally well here. They can be styled in many different ways. Such pants will look great with a denim shirt, as well as with a loose, knitted sweater or shirt and a slightly slim-fit jacket.
  • No stylish XL woman can do without a stylish jacket on colder days. It is perfect both for work and for a date or family dinner. When choosing the jacket, you should take into account, among other things, the type of lapels. Wide lapels will suit pear shape best, optically broadening shoulders and evening out the disproportions. As far as blazers without lapels are concerned, they are dedicated to broad-shouldered women. It is a proven way to reduce the disproportion between broad shoulders and hips. Winter blazers available on store shelves may also differ in terms of neckline. In case of plus size figures, it is recommended to choose heart-shaped neckline, which will emphasize the neckline, optically slim the upper body and lengthen the neck. Avoid models with semi-circular necklines. Plump women looking for an alternative to single-colored jackets, may decide to buy checked or checked pinafore model.
  • No winter outfit can do without a sweater. However, it should not only effectively protect against the cold, but also optically slenderize the figure. A good solution for women wearing size XL are sweaters with V neckline or long, unbuttoned cardigans with thick weave. These types of clothes are suitable for many different occasions. You can wear them both to a meeting with friends, as well as for a walk or shopping.
  • When creating a plus size winter closet, it is also worth making sure to include at least one midi skirt. This length is the perfect solution for all fluffy women. Both straight, pencil and flared models will work well. As far as the pattern is concerned, it is worth betting on the very fashionable check pattern, which is available in many different sizes and colors.
  • When it comes to dresses, instead of loose, oversize models, look for cotton or woolen, slim-fit pencil creations. This is a proven way to emphasize the bust, waist and hips. Recommended are also flared models – they emphasize the waistline, covering up massive thighs at the same time. Another recommendable suggestion is a dress of the emyser type with a belt at the waist. Lovers of boho style may equip themselves with an airy creation with a floral motif. To enhance the effect of a slimmer silhouette, dresses of this type can be matched with high-heeled shoes, boots or cowboy boots.
  • What kind of outerwear should fluffy women wear in winter? Woolen robe coats with a waist belt, for example, work well. Not only do they provide effective protection from the cold, but they are also comfortable to wear and very fashionable. Boxy models can be an alternative to them.
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